Gear Alert: DPS is selling a limited-edition pow ski for the next two weeks

Gear Alert: DPS is selling a limited-edition pow ski for the next two weeks

Our friends at DPS—the Utah-based ski brand with never-ending focus on cutting edge technology and long-lasting performance—have some very exciting news… A one-of-a-kind, never-before-released version of the Spoon 138 will be sold for the next two weeks, effective immediately. Instead of waiting till fall to show off its new whips, the against-the-grain company is coming out swinging with this bad boy right now. Check out the full press release, below, for details.

From DPS:

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – DPS’ relentless quest for the perfect ski manifests with the return of DPS Powtime, a two week-long event that launches March 1, 2017 as part of the brand’s celebrated Powderworks series. During this short window, a nonpareil edition of the cult classic Lotus 138 Spoon ski will be made available.

Over the years, DPS Powderworks has been a program that has periodically introduced special batches of uniquely designed and constructed skis in limited, serialized volumes. Handmade in DPS’ Utah factory, the rare editions represent a window into the brand’s most progressive research and development efforts. It’s where advanced cores, laminates, rockers or sidecuts are previewed and brought to life.

Offered exclusively during DPS Powtime from March 1-15, the Lotus 138 Spoon provides just what is needed to effortlessly float through the deepest part of the season. Constructed with pure pre-pregnated carbon fiber, the Lotus 138 is a lightweight yet powerful powder tool built to withstand multiple years of use and abuse without losing any of its performance.

Lotus 138 Spoon

Dimensions (mm): 147/138/143
Size: 192 cm
Radius: Unconventional
Weight: 2250 grams/ski

Upon conclusion of DPS Powtime, additional Powderworks events will be offered including Tourtime and Dreamtime. Each period is influenced by the thoughts that fill the heads of core skiers during different seasons.

DPS Tourtime, which runs from April 1-15, celebrates the time of year when days grow longer and bigger ski lines become more accessible. This is when traveling fast and light is the name of the game, and DPS has the tools needed to do just that.

During the summer, DPS Dreamtime skis will be available from July 15 through Aug. 1. Dreamtime is a great opportunity to break the summer spell and place all attention on skiing while fantasizing about the coming winter. Additionally, this is the only time of year when DPS offers discounted prices on its skis.

To learn more about these signature events and products follow these social media hashtags: #DPSPowderworks #DPSPowtime #DPSTourtime # DPSDreamtime #Lotus138.

About DPS Skis

Located at the base of the Wasatch Mountains in Salt Lake City, Utah, DPS designs the world’s most advanced skis by fusing space age carbon technology with groundbreaking shapes. DPS is responsible for the world’s first and only pure pre-pregnated carbon fiber sandwich ski, the first 120 mm-waisted powder pintail, the first rockered ski with sidecut and the Spoon—a convex three-dimensional shoveled ski with radical edge bevel for the ultimate in powder surfing sensation. DPS Skis are sold on five continents and are the trusted brand of choice for serious skiers worldwide. For more information visit www.dpsskis.com or call 1.801.413.1737.

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