Freeskier Twitter Contest: Draw Your Best Unicorn

Freeskier Twitter Contest: Draw Your Best Unicorn


Yesterday, we experienced a major website malfunction. Papers and laptops were flying through the air, telephones were being yelled into, and then hurled against the wall… explosions were going off, wild animals were on the loose, and babies were crying all over the place.

Suddenly, amidst the chaos, a tweet from @jfoley019 popped up on my desktop. He questioned, "With @Freeskier website down what am I supposed to do at work?"

I replied to @jfoley019 and told him, "Doodle your best unicorn, upload it via Twitpic and we'll give you a grade."

Just a few minutes later, I was staring at a majestic, stick-figure-unicorn. It dawned on us: this was how we would make it through the dark times.

We notified all our Twitterfans that the best unicorn drawing submitted via Twitter during the course of the day would receive a rockin' sticker pack. It didn't take long before unicorns of all shapes, sizes, colors and sexual orientation were flooding our Twitter feed. 

Later in the day, given the wildly positive response, we threw additional prizes into the mix including custom Freeskier/Discrete beanies. The surge didn't let up; unicorns were coming to us throughout the entire evening – from all around the world.

When I awoke this morning and collected all of the submissions, I was taken aback by the fact that so many of you spent such great time and effort constructing these bad-boys. It was very difficult for us when we sat down as a team this morning to discuss the results. So many worthy candidates, each creation a masterpiece in its own right.

But when push came to shove, we had to make some decisions, and what follows are the official results of the first ever Freeskier Draw Your Best Unicorn Twitter Contest. With so many wonderful works of art, we've decided to award prizes to the Top 3, and also to 3 individuals who received honorable mention.

We will be contacting the winners via Twitter to collect their information.

Be sure to check out the full gallery of submissions.


5th: @ARoweSox18


4th: @OliviaJ123


3rd: @gregm92150


2nd: @Mr_Tressington


1st Place, Grand Unicorn Champion: @KikiWilson5


Honorable Mention:







Worst Submission:




And there you have it! Thanks again to everyone who participated. You made our day.

Also, don't miss the full gallery of submissions.

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