FREESKIER reaps rewards of Retallack’s epic winter during 2018 Outerwear Test

FREESKIER reaps rewards of Retallack’s epic winter during 2018 Outerwear Test

FREESKIER is currently on-site at British Columbia’s Retallack Lodge for the 2018 Outerwear Test. And we couldn’t have asked for more epic conditions to test the best jackets, pants, midlayers and baselayers set to hit ski shops this fall. Snow came down in buckets during the first 36 hours of the test, resulting in epic skiing and impeccable testing conditions. What better way to test outerwear than amidst a raging snow storm in the Selkirk Range?

Then, after a day-and-a-half of near-constant snowfall, good ol’ Mr. Sun popped his head out of the clouds and gave our testers, staff and the Retallack guides bluebird conditions, with deep, deep powder—i.e. heaven on Earth.

Enjoy a behind the scenes look at our actual testing conditions, below, and be on the lookout for these kits from some of our favorite brands in the 2019 Buyer’s Guide, dropping this fall.

Photos by Matt Power

FREESKIER’s Damian Quigley exiting the white room.
Tester Ben Anderson, coming up for air.
Let’s play hide and seek.
Sarina Scott is all smiles.
Retallack guide Johnny Smoke, at our service.
Tester Crystal Lee, with the strong left-footer.
Retallack—home of a billion pillows.
The North Face’s senior designer, Will Hagna, entering his line…
… and exiting.
Guide Johnny Smoke with the send of the trip.
Crystal Lee, buried.
FREESKIER’s Damian Quigley, going airborne.
A snapshot of the incredible terrain at Retallack.
FREESKIER’s Donny O’Neill, slashin’ and burnin’.
The North Face’s Will Hagna, crackin’ pillows.
The passengers of one of the two snowcats that brought us to the playgrounds of Retallack. Special guest appearance by cat driver and poet extraordinaire Karl The Gnarl.
FREESKIER’s Sam Taggart with the knock out punch.

FREESKIER’s Zach Berman’s first turns of day two.

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