Fischer Ski Review

Fischer Ski Review

Fischer overhauled its entire big-mountain line for 2008. The new line’s showcase piece and one of the more interesting skis of the season is the 207, a massive big-mountain ski complete with a fin. All of the skis feature a wood-core sandwich construction. Several models also have Fischer’s I-Beam technology: I-shaped carbon inserts that increase stability without adding weight.


Length: 207
Dimensions: 150-121-130
MSRP: $1,000 Stoke: 8.5

This limited-edition ski pushes the envelope. At a whopping 207 cm long, and with an impressive footprint, it’s not the kind of board you’d zipper a bump line with. Everything about how the ski is designed says “big-mountain monster.” From a speedboat tip that helps the ski float in powder to the fin built into the tail, this is a ski for the biggest mountains and the most open of bowls. “Not for the timid,” said one tester, who said the only thing holding him back was “fear of going too fast.”


Length: 170, 180, 190
Dimensions: 135-106-123 @ 190
MSRP: $895 Stoke: 7.5

Fischer’s powder tool returns unchanged from 2007. While not as massive as the 207, it’s — surprise — much more versatile, and gives expert skiers more choice when it comes to lengths. “Really fun in the 180 length,” said one tester who felt that “it holds well on the groomers and is very quick in the trees.” With the Porohete, picking the right length for your style is key.

Watea 101

Length: 192
Dimensions: 134-101-124
MSRP: $895 Stoke: 8

The Watea 101 features the new I-Beam technology that cuts grooves into the wood core to reduce weight and replaces those areas with carbon fiber stringers in the shape of a capital “I” to reduce weight and increase stability. The Watea is a “smooth, fun,” directional big-mountain offering. At this length, the ski “needs room to run” and you “have to stay on it to turn them.”

Watea 94

Length: 186
Dimensions: 130-94-118
MSRP: $895 Stoke: 8.5

The most versatile of the Watea line, the 94 features I-Beam technology wedded to a wood core and sandwich construction. “Awesome GS turns at speed” and the ability of the 94 to make “snappy short turns,” impressed the Freeskier crew at Solitude. Testers also found the 94 to have “easy turn initiation” and “great edge hold.” If you are looking for a “light, all-purpose ride,” the Watea 94 is the kind of ski that makes all skiers happy in all kinds of conditions.

Vision Zeal

Length: 159, 168, 177
Dimensions: 124-88-112 @ 168
MSRP: $795 Stoke: 8

A solid tool for women looking to charge, the Vision Zeal holds its own on and off piste. “It charges through crud and beat up snow” and “won’t slow down when faced with obstacles.” The sandwiched sidewall construction that consists of a layered core of poplar and beech paired with a titanal shell and sidewall, makes this ski super-stable and helps it hold an edge no matter where you are on the mountain.

Addict Pro

Length: 172, 181
Dimensions: 114-84-114
MSRP: $695 Stoke: 6
Jumps: 7 Pipe: 6
Playfulness: 6 All-Mtn: 7

The Addict Pro is a souped-up version of the Addict. Maybe a bit too much, in fact. The titanal layer and carbon-fiber tips and tails definitely increased the stability of the ski but made it too stiff for our testers. “You have to put a lot of effort into them if you want them to respond,” said one tester. The all-mountain performance, however, was good. “Even with dust on-crust conditions, this ski had great edge control,” commented another tester.


Length: 163, 172, 181
Dimensions: 114-84-114
MSRP: $625 Stoke: 5.5
Jumps: 6 Pipe: 5
Playfulness: 5 All-Mtn: 6

The Addict returns unchanged except for the top sheet. It still has a true twin tip shape and is 84 mm underfoot. Being a little softer than the Pro, the Addict is more versatile in the park and its true twin tip shape allows you to transition from forward to switch without missing a beat. However, the apathy our testers felt towards this ski was, simply put, due to the Addict’s inability to “wow” them. We think expectations were high for Fischer to improve upon an already good ski and that didn’t happen.


Length: 158, 168, 178
Dimensions: 111-81-111
MSRP: $495 Stoke: 6.5
Jumps: 8 Pipe: 6
Playfulness: 7 All-Mtn: 6

The Habit was the favorite park offering from Fischer. “Solid jib ski, very smooth in its transition from turn to turn,” said one tester. “The swing weight and general playfulness of this ski makes it my favorite of the Fischer lineup.” Your wallet will also be thanking you for looking at this for your new park tool. The lower price point makes it very attractive.

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