Fill in the Blanks Friday: Tanner Rainville

Fill in the Blanks Friday: Tanner Rainville

Tanner Rainville is a pretty easy going guy. He enjoys the little things in life like Skittles, Minute Maid, slaying powder, the Ninja Turtles, being in the mountains and filling in the blanks.

Personal Info

Name: Tanner Rainville

Age: Four years past twenty

Hometown: Breckenridge, CO

Twitter: @TannerRainville

Sponsors: Dynastar, Look, Lange, Under Armour, Skullcandy, Electric, Level Gloves

Tanner enjoying some deep snow (we promise it’s him)

Fill in the Blanks

What is your favorite drink of choice at the moment pomegranate blueberry from Minute Maid. It’s real good.

The best part of last season was Alaska.

When I hear the word adventure I think, exploration

Smooth execution from Mr. Rainville as usual

My favorite Candy is Skittles.

The Ninja Turtles was my favorite TV show as a kid. Because they were bad ass.

I think …not the Broncos will win the Super Bowl this year.

Last major thing i bought was a snowmobile.

If I had any super power, I would fly because that would be awesome.

Tanner likes Electric

Tanner Rainville’s Fantasy Ski Team:

Big Air: TJ because he is a OG

Slope: Definitely Phil Casabon

Pipe: Duncan Adams

Backcountry: Sean Pettit

Urban: Phil C again for sure

Make sure to catch Tanner in Level 1’s Eye Trip dropping this fall.

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