DPS Spoon Update, Version Two

DPS Spoon Update, Version Two

DPS Spoon Update, Version Two

Posted Tue, 04/12/2011 by Philip Drake of DPS

Since the launch of the DPS Spoon 150 at the 2011 SIA and ISPO trade shows, we’ve been working hard to move the ski towards a production model. The first Spoon marked a radical stab at a new concept, and it was expected that it would take a number of design refinements and prototypes to get the ski dialed in correctly. In the field, we’ve logged storm time in the Jackson and Little Cottonwood backcountry, and most recently in Haines, AK.

The footage shot of DPS founder Stephan Drake coming from the first Spoon is truly unique; long 100 foot smears at 30 mph, with unmatched reeling sprays.


While the first version undoubtedly proved the merit of the concept, and offered glimpses into a world beyond a square edge, it was obvious that Spoon was an incredibly technical ski with a few major shortcomings. We immediately launched into a second design that drew from the successes of the first version while attacking its limitations.

After ten frantic days of molding and pressing with DPS’ director of engineering, Peter Turner, the second Spoon iteration is now complete and ready for testing on Alaskan spines in April.

dps_spoon_p.turner.jpgThe build process of the second version in Eden, UT from Saturday April 9th, 2011.

On Tuesday, it will be overnight express shipped to Haines, AK where Stephan is filming and shooting with a team of riders from Patagonia, along with Sweetgrass Productions and Oskar Enander. The storyline of the short film, which will be released in the fall, is based on the development of the Spoon 150.

Tuesday April 12th, 2011. The concept DPS Spoon 150, Version Two in the hands of DPS' Director of Engineering Peter Turner. Hours after completing the ski build, it's being rushed to UPS for express shipment to Haines, AK where it will be tested by DPS' Stephan Drake. The testing will be documented by Sweetgrass Productions and Oskar Enander. More to come on this…

Stay tuned for updates from Alaska, glimpses of the Spoon 150 in action, and development of the project. 

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