Dishing the Dirt: Sofia Sjöberg tells all regarding Jacob Wester

Dishing the Dirt: Sofia Sjöberg tells all regarding Jacob Wester

Twenty-seven-year-old Sofia Sjöberg has been with backcountry-slayer Jacob Wester for the past eight-and-a-half years. Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Sjöberg is currently working towards her MS in Media Technology. When she’s not studying, she pursues passions including camping, music and photography, and she often globe-trots with her blonde- haired, blue-eyed partner. So, does Wester get stressed out when he’s on the road? What are his parting words before venturing off the grid in locales like Chamonix, France or Telluride, Colorado? Sjöberg’s got the deets.


Photo by Jacob Wester

The Q&A…

What does Jacob love more: His skis, surfboard or his guitar?

[Laughs] Well, I guess one of his guitars, the Rickenbacker, since the other stuff is easier to replace.

Does he have a strange, unique talent?

I suspect that he has a photographic memory. He remembers so many weird things that I sometimes call him Wikipedia. Like, one of the first days we spent together, we went to an aquarium and he told me all the fish names in Latin. I had to go look later and read all the signs just to make sure he wasn’t tricking me.

You travel with Jacob often. What stresses him out the most when he’s on the road?

When he is hungry, everything stresses him out. When he is full, nothing stresses him out. He is really easy to figure out when it comes to that.

Are there any items that he absolutely must have with him when he’s traveling?

Computer and cameras. Probably his cellphone, too.

What’s his favorite place to visit, and why?

Anywhere in Indonesia where the surf is good and the waves are heavy.

What is something he does that you wish he wouldn’t?

He has had a yeast infection between two toes for five years that he hasn’t done anything about yet. And he doesn’t use nail clippers.

What is he most afraid of?

Dairy products past their sell-by date. He would never, ever smell milk that is a day or two past its date.

What makes him mad?

Screaming babies on airplanes and people posting satirical news stories on Facebook, believing they’re real.

The last bad idea he had?

He only brought, like, four t-shirts to our three-week-long camping trip in Washington. Those t-shirts could stand up on their own after the trip.

The best decision he ever made?

Dating me? [Laughs] No, probably quitting high school to become a pro skier.

How does he influence his brother, Oscar, and vice versa?

Oscar is eight years younger than Jacob, and I think for Oscar, seeing Jacob go from being this nerdy kid with Harry Potter glasses to becoming a pro skier helped him understand that anything you really want is possible, as long as you want it bad enough. But other than that, I think both Jacob and Oscar are really different and neither wants to be like the other.

What is his perception of how people regard him?

I think that he believes people see him as a bit rude. I know that he doesn’t like small talk and is really uncomfortable talking to strangers… sometimes that comes across as being a bit impolite.

Has he ever embarrassed you in public?

Does leaving me behind on the mountain count?

When is he most out of his comfort zone?

[Laughs] Talking to strangers in an official context, like calling a bank or an insurance company.

How do you most enjoy spending time together?

In a camper van, in the middle of nowhere, or cooking food, drinking wine and listening to vinyl records at home in Stockholm.

Who are his favorite musical artists?

Oh, there are so many, but at the moment probably Desaparecidos or Tame Impala.

Who does he look up to the most?

He looks up to anyone that goes their own way and doesn’t conform to society’s norms or ideas of how life should be lived.

What are his favorite things to do in Stockholm?

Going surfing in [30 MPH] winds, in freezing water… I really don’t get it.

His favorite food?

Veggie burger with sweet potato fries and chili garlic sauce.

If he won the lottery, what five things would he buy?

A surfing trip around the world, a hollow-body electric guitar, vinyl records, pay off the mortgage on our apartment and—seeing how he isn’t stupid—he would probably use some to invest in the market.

When were you most proud of him?

Anytime I have an opportunity to see him ski in a contest or in a movie. He is such an amazing skier.

Of which accomplishment is he most proud?

Being able to live his dream for over 10 years.

Best advice he ever gave you?

“Don’t worry, everything is going to be okay.” I guess I tend to worry a bit too much sometimes. [Laughs]

What do you tell him before he goes skiing in the backcountry?

Have fun and go big?

What does he tell you before he goes skiing in the backcountry?

“Sorry, I can’t talk right now.”

What was his best-ever day on skis?

Any sunny and slushy spring day is a great day for Jacob. Or any day with good powder and no lift lines.


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