Dishing the Dirt: Janni Delér tells all regarding Jon Olsson

Dishing the Dirt: Janni Delér tells all regarding Jon Olsson

You may recognize the name Janni Delér from Jon Olsson’s frequent social posts—the two have been together for the past four years now. What you may not know is that Janni is killing it in her own right; the 25-year-old fashion blogger and designer from Stockholm, Sweden boasts 750,000-plus Instagram followers and she recently produced her own clothing line for Nelly.com, widely regarded as Scandinavia’s premier online fashion destination. For us skiers, her relationship with Jon adds to her allure. And while Jon is no longer stacking podium results or producing mind-boggling film segments, he remains of great interest to skiers everywhere, producing the Jon Olsson Invitational between 2003-2015, traveling the globe (usually via Lambo) in search of new skiing experiences and also working tirelessly to grow Douchebags, the ski luggage brand he co-founded. So, how is the ol’ freeskiing icon holding up, you wonder? Janni clues us in.


Photo by Fabian Wester

The Q&A…

How’d you first meet Jon?

At a dinner party in Stockholm—we sat next to each other and I heard afterwards that he’d planned that [seating arrangement].

Were you interested in him prior to meeting? He’s sort of a big deal.

[Laughs] Actually not! I didn’t really know who he was. I just recognized the name.

What was something that you were surprised to learn about him right off the bat?

That he could chug 10 vodka Red Bulls in 10 minutes.

What does Jon love more: Skiing or cars?

He enjoys driving a nice car to the ski slope, and then skiing [laughs]. So, I would say both.

What is his favorite car? How about his most prized possession?

The [Audi] RS6 DTM he built a while ago. (Yes, the same one that was stolen in an armed robbery from its new owner and later found burned to a crisp.) The most prized possession must be his Leica camera.

Will he let anyone else drive his cars?

Yes, all the time. I got to drive his Lambo almost straight away, so that was fun!

How many speeding tickets has he received in his life?

That’s a tough question. Normally, he doesn’t get any speeding tickets [except] during Gumball 3000, (the annual 3,000-mile international motor rally which takes place on public roads around Europe) which is a bit of a special circumstance. There, he got six tickets in one day.

What was his best-ever day on skis?

After I met him, I think it was the first time he did a double flip after knee surgery.

Regarding skiing, of which accomplishment is he most proud?

That he invented the kangaroo flip.

Jon seems to have it all: An amazing skiing career under his belt, big homes, fast cars and a wonderful lady like yourself to take care of him. What is something he feels like he’s still missing in his life?

A non-stressful life! [Laughs]

Where does he want to be in five years?

I think he wants to be settled somewhere and not travel as much, work with his companies and maybe start a family. I guess time will tell.

Jon maintains outstanding physical condition. How much time does he dedicate to conditioning each day?

Not much at all, actually. Sometimes he gets in the right workout mode, and then he likes to do it a lot every day. But sometimes he doesn’t work out for weeks.

How about his diet—what’s the man eating these days?

[Laughs] Oh my, his diet is not super. He loves everything that sounds like pizza, pasta, burgers and fries. I try to give him his greens but he doesn’t seem to like it. I can get him to have a smoothie some mornings, and then I try to add some spinach and stuff to give him the vitamins, and I try to disguise the taste.

What’s his favorite way to exercise?


Does he have any strange habits that drive you a little crazy?

When he’s scrolling through his phone or the TV is on it’s impossible to get his attention. It makes me crazy sometimes.

Jon has his hands in many different projects. How is he balancing the needs of so many different brands and businesses?

He thinks about a million things all the time and actually never really relaxes. So I guess he’s bad at balancing them. If he hasn’t had time for email in a few days he gets super stressed.

How about his own personal brand? How important is it for Jon to stay in touch with his fans?

I think it’s very important for him. He feels bad if he doesn’t have time to blog for one day. He does a lot for his fans. He asks if someone is around and wants to join him for a ride in his car, for example. I don’t think a lot of [other celebrities] would do that.

What’s he afraid of?


Where is his favorite place to go to relax?


What about his favorite place to party?

He doesn’t party anymore. [Laughs] But I would guess Marbella, [Spain].

How about his favorite place to ski?

Folgefonna, [Norway]. He’s always way too happy when he’s there.

High level of awesome! ❄️❄️????❄️❄️ @redbullsweden

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His guilty pleasure?

Chocolate fondant. He orders it almost too often when we go out for dinner.

What makes him mad?

I almost never see him mad. I’ve seen it just a few times and that can be in restaurants if the service is really bad. But I’ve only seen him mad, like, three or four times in the past four years, so it’s not that often.

When is he most out of his comfort zone?

I don’t know, actually, I’ve never seen him out of it.

The most embarrassing thing you’ve ever seen him do?

Order way too much champagne back in the day.

What’s the best gift he ever gave you?

He’s amazing when it comes to gifts. He’s a bag specialist now, which I love [laughs]. But I have to say the watch I got for my first birthday [dating him] with an engraved back. That was so sweet and I wear it almost every day.

Which living person does he most admire?

Our friend Henrik in Marbella—he’s a super guy and I think Jon looks up to him a lot.

What is the most important life lesson he has taught you?

That it’s okay to say ‘no’ to things. I’m actually really bad at that. When my schedule is too hectic I always think of that and it makes me feel better.

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