Devin Logan wins 2013 Dew Tour women’s slopestyle; see photos here

Devin Logan wins 2013 Dew Tour women’s slopestyle; see photos here

Early this afternoon, under mostly clear skies and with a bit of headwind to contend with (plus, the occasional strong gust), eight competitors squared off in the women’s slopestyle final. Taking top honors was Devin Logan. In second, Canadian Kim Lamarre, whose appearance here at Dew marks her first return to competition in some two years, following rehabilitation from multiple knee surgeries. And in third—securing the podium finish on her 15th birthday—was Montana’s Maggie Voisin.

Logan’s winning run—her first run of the day—consisted of a lip on, 270 out of the down rail up top; switch on, back 270 out of the flat-down rail; right 5 safety; switch left 5 safety; a Japan air off the Chicken Coop; a clean slide of the A-frame rail; a cork 7 tail and a ride 5 safety to close.

Logan re: her big win. Enjoy more sound bites from women’s slope finals: click here

“The wind definitely affected us,” Devin told us following the award ceremony. “I hope Ashley’s alright, [Note: Ashley Battersby knuckled on the bottom jump, on her second run, and received medical attention, and was later taken off the course via patrol sled—the extent and nature of her injury remains unknown, though Freeskier speculates Ashley sustained a lower body injury] but I’m one of the bigger girls so I can carry a bit more speed into it, which on these days, thank god for that, but you start to see the wind playing an affect, and you don’t want to hurt yourself because it’s the first competition of the year, you want to stay healthy for the rest of [the season], but personally, for me, I didn’t really have a problem.”

Speaking about the women who joined her on the podium, Devin noted:

“Kim Lamarre was killing it—such a big confidence booster for her, she was out the past two seasons and we missed her a lot. She’s a great skier, amazing on the rails and definitely makes me want to step up my rail game. Maggie is amazing, she’s 15, and kills it, makes me nervous every time I have to ski against her, but that’s the progression of our sport and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the season brings for them.”

Logan was pulling double duty this weekend, competing in both slope and pipe.

“I definitely get tired, my qualifications were on the same day, so I was running around trying to get into finals for both. I think that one helps me with the other, if I can do a trick in the park, I feel like I can do it in the pipe, you’re already halfway there. It helps me and I just want to be the best all-around skier that I can be.”

Watch: Devin Logan’s winning run, Dew Tour 2013

Second place finisher Kim Lamarre earned an 81.20 with a run that included a 270 on to the down rail up top; a clean slide of the tear drop rail; a switch left 5; flat 3; 180 on, 180 off of the Chicken Coop; a backside swap on the A-frame; a left 3 and a left 5 to close. Kim’s high score came on her first run, and while she looked to up the ante on her second lap, she was unable to hang on for a clean run.

“I don’t think I have words to describe this, it’s amazing coming back from two blown ACLs, and getting second here is just a relief. The jinx is over,” Kim said. “It feels so good, I feel like myself again, just skiing and being with all of my girls, having that little bit of pressure and nerves coming in. Couldn’t be happier.”

In regards to the weather, Kim noted:

“I hope my girl Ashley is OK. I’m sending all of my love to her. The wind definitely played a role, luckily it kind of went down as the competition started, but, man, in training it was crazy, I didn’t pull a run together until my first run [of competition].

Watch: Kim Lamarre’s second place run, Dew Tour 2013

Rounding out the podium was young Maggie Voisin, who, as we mentioned earlier, celebrated her 15th birthday today. Voisin took top spot in the qualifier on Wednesday, and was expected to put on a show once again this afternoon—and that she did.

Maggie’s run consisted of a 270 onto the down rail; a back 270 out of the flat down; a right 720 to a left 720; safety air off the Chicken Coop; front 270 off the rainbow; to switch 540; to 540.

“I am just so stoked to get on the podium,” Maggie said. “You know the weather wasn’t there and I didn’t get to throw down the run that I wanted but I’m super stoked and couldn’t be happier.”

Watch: Maggie Voisin’s third place run, Dew Tour 2013

With Dew Tour serving as one of five Olympic qualifiers for the US and Canadian teams, the top three finishers are off to a good start in the runnings, and will look to continue their success at Copper Mountain next week during the first Grand Prix stop of the season.

2013 Dew Tour women’s slopestyle final results:

1. Devin Logan (USA) 87.80
2. Kim Lamarre (CAN) 81.20
3. Maggie Voisin (USA) 77.20
4. Keri Herman (USA) 71.20
5. Ashley Battersby (USA) 71.20
6. Dara Howell (CAN) 61.80
7. Julia Krass (USA) 57.60
8. Jamie Crane-Mauzy (USA) 42.40

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