Devin Logan Qualifies First at X Games Superpipe Elimination Night

Devin Logan Qualifies First at X Games Superpipe Elimination Night

2nd place qualifier, Roz G.

Even though X Games 15 started on Monday, tonight marked the first official events of the games: Men's and Women's Superpipe. First up, the women. Elimination night at X Games is universally regarded as one of the most difficult nights in competition. Tonight, all the training, all the preparation and all the pressure, was all condensed into two runs. Eleven women entered the Superpipe, but only six would be making a return trip Thursday night.

The newcomer, Devin Logan, in her X Games debut, shocked the field by taking that top qualifying spot. Logan's knowledge of two 540 tails, a flare and 720 pushed her above the crowd (many of whom have won multiple X Games medals). Devin went for the back-to-back flare on her second run, but went down. 


Roz G. is ready for X.

Last year's bronze medalist Rosalind Groenewoud took the second spot, as she was absolutely attacking the course. Massive straight air, 900, back-to-back 540s, 360 to switch 540 bumped Roz up into that mid-80s range. Last year's winner Jen Hudak put down a solid first run which included her 900, 540, alley oop 540 and 720. In her second run, Jen dropped the last hit 1080, but couldn't stick it… look for her to bring that to her finals arsenal.

Anais Caradeux went to work tonight, including the 900 in her quiver of tricks, putting her comfortably into 4th. Newcomer Brita Sigourney knocked off bubble girl Keltie Hansen with the use of her own 900 and airy 540s. And Sarah Burke snagged the last qualifying spot with her corked 900 and back-to-back flares. Sarah just needs to clean up her landings a bit and she'll be a big time podium threat.


Devin Logan shifties her way through practice.

Despite being on the outside looking in, some valiant efforts were put forth by the other ladies, including Keltie Hansen's second run 900, and Jess Cumming taking a big hit first run, only to get up and stomp her second. 

Dania Assaly was unable to compete due to an undisclosed knee injury sustained in the morning practice session. We wish her a speedy recovery.

These six women will be battling it out in a three-run finals format tomorrow night for money, fame and eternal X Games glory. Will Jen Hudak repeat gold? Will Sarah take her fourth gold? Will Roz take bronze for a third year in a row or trade up? Will Logan or Brita take a medal in their first X Games? We will see tomorrow.

Women's Elimination Results:
1. Devin Logan — 86.00
2. Rosalind Groenewoud — 84.66
3. Jen Hudak — 83.00
4. Anais Caradeux — 82.33
5. Brita Sigourney — 82.00
6. Sarah Burke — 79.00
_ _ _ Cut Off _ _ _ 
7. Keltie Hansen — 78.00
8. Maddie Bowman — 73.66
9. Jess Cumming — 71.66
10. Mirjam Jaeger — 69.33
11. Virginie Faivre — 67.00

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