Denver, Boulder, etc…

Denver, Boulder, etc…

(Writing this after a few glasses of wine. So I don’t really care what people on here think right now. If anyone is even reading this.)
I made the drive to Louisville(10 hours from Bismarck) with my new fiance on Monday.
We drove to the DAM(Denver Art Museum) on Tuesday to check out the Psychedelic exhibit there. Was pretty cool. Not my favorite part of history because of the way the dumb ass liberal students/kids treated the soldiers who came back from Vietnam. Whom, were part of the psychedelic peace(like hell sometimes), love, and Acid tripping thing. Pisses me off people could treat someone who served their country like that. Spitting on a soldier. Holy shit! Fuck you asshole hippies! That’s all I could think. I could see their perspectives on peace. It’s a great way of living, if only we could get the whole of humanity to agree.
After driving through the majority of the northwestern portion of Denver the metro, we decided to actually head out to the Boulder area and north. Checked out apartments in Longmont and found a really nice one. Pretty comparable in cost to the Bismarck area for the amenities offered. Can’t turn that down!
Being a triathlete, I was totally captivated by the bike lanes here. Bike lanes and bicycle right of ways! OMG! WTF!! Why isn’t the rest of the world like it is here? A place where I can ride my road bike and train without worry of getting splattered by some idiot on their cell.
We’re going to the US Mint in Denver tomorrow and I am going to make a point of it to swing by the SMP office to say Hi and introduce myself. Hopefully I get a chance to talk to Matt Harvey or whomever else would have time to talk about internship opps. The fella I’d really like to work under is in Boston for the week(Dave Amirault), so I won’t be able to get a chance to visit with him. Being an advertising graduate(Bachelors of Science) and a certified internet webmaster professiona(CIW program and 3 other certifications) I hope I can get an internship. I hope I’m worthy of Freeskier Magazine and/or SMP.
Would be a childhood dream come true to work alongside other people with the same ideals I have for skiing and the alpine lifestyle. I would lug camera equipment, get coffee, shovel snow, run and get paper, dig cars out of snowbanks by hand, and whatever those guys would want me to do just for the opportunity to call them colleagues. I’m a hardworking, honest young man from North Dakota. The midwestern work ethic has been strongly instilled in me. I hope they or someone in the Web Design biz here sees that part of me.
Endeth my rant…

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