David Wise and Dania Assaly Win WSI Superpipe

David Wise and Dania Assaly Win WSI Superpipe

The weather finally broke today in Whistler for the final ski event of the festival, the coveted WSI Superpipe. The sun was glaring and the temps were topless-level, which many male competitors took advantage of.

With a lively crowd cheering the skiers on, 30 athletes took to the semi-finals this morning, looking for one of the 12 available spots in the finals. Joining those 12 finalists were eight invited athletes who were given a by right to the big show.

The pipe warmed up quickly making for soft walls that were quickly chewed, but that didn’t stop anyone from putting on a show. The best of the best rose up to the top with very few surprises. David Wise was the big winner, with a tech run including lots of switch hits and solid amplitude. Following Wise was Riddle who put down the landing gear on his second run to challenge Wise. He was close, but not close enough for the judges. In third was veteran pipe rider Dan Marion. He stomped his run clean and earned himself yet another podium in his long and storied career.

I caught up with Dan Marion several times throughout the day to get his take on things:

“You gotta be like water. The winner today will be the one best able to adapt.”
“The weather is great. It really elevates the mood.”
“If you’re gonna be a bear, may as well be a grizzley.”
— DM

Thanks for those words of wisdom, Dan.

On the women’s side, Dania took the big win with a big run. Dan Marion had this to say about the winner: “Alberta, ya heard a? That girls a murda. What’s your word a? I’m done.” Angeli came in second for the ladies with one of the biggest pipe hits ever for a girl. Her ridiculous amplitude wasn’t enough to top the podium, however, so she’ll have to settle for second place.

Men’s Results

1. David Wise
2. Mike Riddle
3. Dan Marion
4. Taylor Seaton
5. Tucker Perkins
6. Matt Philippi
7. Joss Christensen
8. Nathan Wood
9. Evan Schwartz
10. Gus Kenworthy

Women’s Results

1. Dania Assaly
2. Angeli Van Laanen
3. Megan Gunning
4. Keltie Hansen
5. Roz Groenwood

Tonight, Colby West and John Symms will perform their number 1 new hit, My Friend is a Pro, at Buffalo Bills. Be there or be square.

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