Cutting Pow with Fat Skis

Cutting Pow with Fat Skis

My main mission for this ski season is to have as much fun as possible skiing everyday. This upcoming winter will be my fourth year skiing/living at one of the best places in the world, Jackson, Wyoming. The first season I skied 100 plus days at the resort, 126 of 127 the year later, and last ski season was a neck deep season of 160+ days. There are so many places to ski here, lines to ski here, stashes to hit, great people to ski with here, that I really do not know where to start. I mainly ski at Jackson Hole Mtn. resort, Teton Pass, or Grand Teton National Park. I hope to do more skiing in the park this year, there are some really big and fun lines to ski there. I do not mind skinning or bootpacking for hours in order to ski some deep blower. Actually, I enjoy it.
My main ski partner and I plan to do more filming this winter and possibly put something together. I am also helping him make a local brand of ski gloves, (Skid Luxury) soon to debut all around the valley. I am looking forward to working even more with the many great photographers (Wade McKoy, Chris Figenshau, Laurent Bouvet) that I have been fortunate enough to ski with in the valley here. It is definitely a goal of mine to have a great shot published someday.
This winter there is a good chance that I will go to Chamonix, France. My good friend/boss Jason Tattersall, has been telling me NOW is the time for me to go and I agree. I work two jobs all year round in order to support my skiing lifestyle. I wash windows in the daytime and wait tables at night. These jobs allow me to ski everyday that I want all winter long, and provide me with the cash to go to cool places like Cham. In the winter I also carry/sherpa Wade McKoys camera pack. The pack can be heavy at times but I really would not consider this a job, more of a great experience.
I forgot to mention that I like to ski powder and catch air, and I hope to do both of these real soon. Much respect to the J.H.A.F.

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