Creative Callout: Meet Jarred “Allstar” Haynes, the skier’s rapper

Creative Callout: Meet Jarred “Allstar” Haynes, the skier’s rapper

Two years ago, Jarred "Allstar" Haynes hit the ski world with a rap in the final episode of Salomon's Freeski TV. These day's, he's best known for his mix tapes, which feature raps about skiing and the characters that surround it, such as his shoutout to superfan Mary O'Neil. He undoubtedly loves the ski culture, but there's a catch: He doesn't ski. Can his indisputable talent on the mic, combined with his passion for the sport make him the first guy sponsored by a ski company who can't do a 360?

Read on to learn about the man whose love of skiing has given him the ultimate outlet to supply his musical prowess.


Photo: Chris Charmel

FS: Let's start with the basics. How old are you, where are you from, what's your favorite food?
JH: I am 24 years old, from Long Island, New York, and my favorite food is anything my mother makes!

This is the first creative callout we've done on someone who didn't grow up skiing. You been getting after it out on the hill?
I actually skied for the first time at Campgaw Mountain in New Jersey. It did not go well at all. It was terrible experience. I need to wait to go skiing with my ski family. I’m just waiting for someone to give me a call and help me out.

How did it come about that you did a rap for Freeski TV, and are now the outro voice on every episode?
First allow me to say, I love being the voice of Salomon Freeski TV! It actually all started when Mike Rogge, a good friend of mine, called up as he normally does to freestyle for him. Normally, he calls me to freestyle for him when he wants to impress his female company, but this time was different; he called me while in the room with several people involved in the freeski industry, one of them being Steve Horton, who was working on the Freeski TV episodes at the time. He asked if I would do a freestyle for the Season 2 recap for Freeski TV and I of course said SURE! Two hot recap freestyles and several Salomon voice overs later and here I am as grateful as I was the first day I was asked.

You're the only rapper I know of who has fully immersed himself in skiing and ski culture. How has the reaction been from the industry?
The reaction from the ski industry has been AMAZING! I don’t think any artist could ask for a cooler fan base full of people who respect real music and have created a culture that feels like one really, really, really, large family. There is another rapper who seems to be trying to sneak into my lane by the name of Son Real or something like that, but this is my home, everyone else is just a guest. I feel blessed to be the sole rapper to stand beside musical greats as Cali P on stage at the various events I have been at!

Do you find yourself being pigeon holed in skiing, or are you making similar waves outside of the sport?
I wish skiing had a pigeon hold on me. I wish one of the companies I love so dearly would call me and say “AllStar, we want to make you the first signed music artist in the ski industry.” I just determined that’s my new dream to be the first non-athlete signed to a ski company. [laughs] Don’t get me wrong, though, I am making waves outside of the industry as well. I am doing several shows, writing for artist who are signed to major labels and have been involved with signing deals with major labels that have yet to go through for one reason or another.

I had the chance to see you perform at IF3 last year, and your energy was through the roof. How much do you enjoy performing live?
If someone were to ask me what I enjoy doing more, breathing or performing, I would say performing, because that’s when I’m able to bring my music to life. When I record any and every song I do, I record as if I’m already in front of thousands of people so when I get the opportunity to perform the song, it’s as if my dreams are becoming reality! Any time you see me perform, I will not leave that stage unless I feel as if I have left every last drip of sweat I have laying on it.

allstar2.pngPhoto: Chris Charmel

Where can people find out about upcoming shows?
I am actually rebuilding my entire cyber marketing scheme. The website to check out is whitelightmusicgroup.com. That’s the website of my record label, White Light. You can check that out to find out where myself and my four artist, Sha’Monique, Rock Steady, Jamie Grayce and Fatia will be performing. Right now, I’m posting everything on my facebook fan page.

Are you officially Professor Jarred now? Heard you were getting your masters degree in education.
I love that I’m just known as a rapper. I love it! I actually received my Masters in Higher Education in the spring of 2010. I haven’t gone into teaching at a college or anything like that, as of yet, but I am still trying to teach people through my songs, which always push educated, positive messages. Such as with the songs on my new album, White Noise which is currently on Itunes.

I read on ESPN that your "job" in college was winning freestyle battles. What's the story there?
I made the bulk of my money in college doing freestyle battles. While I was in college, I wouldn’t say that I was the most lyrical rapper yet, but I knew how to insult people and make them angry, so that’s what I did. It sounds like a terrible thing but it made me a profit. I was hated in many upstate New York schools because I attended the small College of Saint Rose and would go to larger colleges such as SUNY Albany, Ithaca, and Utica and win! The most dangerous part was leaving these schools with the money and running back to my little college campus. I would walk into my then-girlfriends room and act as if I lost then throw the money on the bed. [laughs]

If you could only listen to one CD for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Wow! Great question. [scratches head with a blank stare] Ummmmmmm.. I would be cliché and say my new album White Noise but do not do that I will say singer J Moss’ “V2” album.

Tell me about your latest album, White Noise.
White Noise is a classic! Honestly, I am not just saying that because it’s my album. My last album Genre was average at best. But White Noise is a 5-mic status project. Somehow myself along with the producers I worked with were able to come up with a sound that set the tone for every emotion on that album. That album could almost be considered a musical journal with the amount of personal content I released to everyone. Certain things are a constant trend on this album such as my love for the ski industry, my love for a female, my love for music and my love for myself. [laughs] My own artist, Sha’Monique, is on the conceptual club song “I Want it” and my other artist, Fatia, is featured on my song “The Big Payoff”. I also have a song with my best friend CBZ and my blood brother Dange entitled “Change Flows” which is a master piece. Fan favorites seem to be “Here Goes Nothing”, “Meant for Me” and “Tonight.” The funny part is, with all the songs I just named, there are 17 on the album. Believe me, it’s worth the $9.99.

What have you got coming down the pipe for your fans to get stoked on?
I am currently working on a mini documentary centered on who I am and how hip hop and freesking are one in the same. The documentary will be centered around me working on the third and final installment of what I have been calling the “Urban Segment,” my “ski-hop” mixtapes I’ve been releasing over the past two years (which should feature collaboration with Matt Harvey himself). The documentary will go deeper, but that is the core. Other then than that, you can look forward to tons of collaboration with other artist; a project entitled “The Union,” which is comprised of myself and my artist Rock Steady; another collaborative project entitled “Smooth Criminal” with my boy CBZ and releases from all my artist this year! Also, even though I’m waiting for the call, I am promising the best Salomon Freeski TV recap of ALL TIME!

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