Colorado Front Range Gets Hammered! 18″at Eldora!

Colorado Front Range Gets Hammered! 18″at Eldora!

Yesterday’s late afternoon rain turned to snow and the weather continued to worsen into the evening. 3-5″ an hour was falling right outside of Denver and Boulder. El Nino’s sense of humor, on a lackluster season here in the north, was in the air. Thick and wet. This was bad news for anyone in a car and on the road. While those folks cursed their lives and lack of luck, skiers everywhere licked their chops and checked all available forecasting websites and the small ticker tape on the bottom of the news, “Winter Storm Warning.” We love that ticker.

Its a rarity when the front range sees this type of snow. Just 21 miles from Boulder there was 18″ of fresh. We rallied to the call! It was quickly devoured by the other pow-junkies that live on the edge of the mountains here. But a great spring treat.

Thanks El Nino! And Eldora.

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