Celebrating the Fourth of July at Woodward, Copper with the OS Crew

Celebrating the Fourth of July at Woodward, Copper with the OS Crew

Featured Image: Steven Berg | Skier: Mason Kennedy

Like the United States itself, the Fourth of July is a diverse holiday. And by that, we mean there’s no right or wrong way to celebrate. Some people head to the beach to revel in the sand and enjoy a crispy sunburn. Others hit the backyard with friends and family, lighting up the grill and setting off one or two questionably legal fireworks. No matter how you partied on America’s Independence Day, if you had fun, you did it right.

But let’s be honest… we’d be lying if we said some didn’t do it better than others. Our friends in the OS Crew showed us our new favorite way to ring in another birthday for the USA; sliding rails, hitting jumps and toting the Stars and Stripes at Woodward, Copper.

The DFD train is leaving the station!

While the heat of July leaves most areas in the Northern Hemisphere craving a cool down, Woodward, Copper continues to thrive and keep the freeski scene alive and well. You’ll find similar action in very few places, with Timberline at Mt. Hood being our only other true contender at this moment.

Sitting at just under 10,000 feet above sea level, Woodward, Copper is nestled into the Colorado Rocky Mountains and able to retain enough snow to build out both their summer camp and public hike parks. In fact, the public park is currently scheduled to be open into September, conditions allowing. No matter what caliber of skier you might be, this is the summer to head to Woodward. They’ve got the coaches and features to put a smile on your face in no time.

Thanks to their diligent mountain ops team, they’ve become masters at preserving their snow when the conventional winter season winds down. Because of this, dedicated rippers like the members of the OS Crew are able to get after it, even on the Fourth of July.

Steven Berg was behind the lens to capture the action and preserve this historic blend of patriotic skiing. The jump line is firing, the down-flat-down rail is greased and the quarter pipe is shaped to perfection. Check out the photo gallery below, and be sure to look for Woodward, Copper events coming up, like the Summer Rail Jam Series.

Photo Gallery

Photography: Steven Berg

Skiers: Mason Kennedy, Justin Kennedy, Carson Sharp, Ian Russell, Kyle Johnston

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