Freeskier’s Fail Awards: Vote for the best skiing fail of 2013

Freeskier’s Fail Awards: Vote for the best skiing fail of 2013

Update: Over the past two weeks, a total of 24,860 votes were cast, cutting 12 nominees down to six, six to three, and now, three to one. The masses have elected “Norwegian’s massive air to broken leg” as the best fail of 2013. Voting is now closed. Thanks, all, for your participation.

Thanks to the ol’ YouTube (and Vimeo), we’re provided a steady stream of skiing greatness—much of that content coming in the form of epic fails. And while 2013 was full of memorable spills, slams and careless blunders we thought we’d open up the voting floodgates to see which of those fails emerges the definitive #1. Ten years from now, Freeskier’s Fail Awards will undoubtedly be world renowned, but for the moment, we’re counting on you to help us select our inaugural winner (loser).

Here’s how it works: Below, you’ll find two videos and a voting poll. Watch each video, deem a worthy winner, and cast your vote. At the bottom of the page, you’ll find a link to six other pages, each one hosting another pair of videos. If you’re a mathematician like me (not), you’ll know that’s a total of 12 videos; the nominees were selected by the Freeskier edit staff. We’ll keep a tally through November 24 at midnight, at which point the 12 videos will be cut to six. Those six videos will go head-to-head through November 27, 2013 at midnight, when they’ll be cut to three. For the last three days of the month, our finalists will battle for podium position.

The finalists:

Shea Flynn attempts to jump over fence at high speed, catches tips, eats it hard.

Jump goes wrong for skier in Norway, broken leg the result.

Skier fails miserably while attempting first double backflip.

Round 3 results:

– Norwegian’s “massive air to broken leg takes first place, defeating Shea Flynn’s slam by a margin of 381 votes. In third place, “double backflip gone awry.”

Round 2 results:

– Shea Flynn defeats “Tomahawk city” by a margin of 319 votes.
– Massive air to broken leg defeats cat-track smash by a margin of 252 votes.
– Double backy fail defeats troublesome backpack snag by a margin of 314 votes.

Round 1 results:

– Flynn defeated “11-year-old’s blunder” by a margin of 1,101 votes.
– Tomahawk city defeated “New Mexico chairlift fail” by a margin of 439 votes.

– Cat-track smash defeated Tuckerman Ravine yard sale by a margin of 1,434 votes.
– Norway jump defeated girl’s backflip-to-tip-catch-to-scorpion by a margin of 1,878 votes.

– Backpack snag defeated “road gap blues” by a margin of 65 votes.
– Double backy fail defeated backflip tip catch by a margin of 897 votes.

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