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How not to do a road gap, by Taylor Graham

We see a lot of weird things come across our desks here at Freeskier, but this miserably failed road gap video is one of our favorites.

There isn’t much that is right with this road gap attempt other than the participants appear to have waited until traffic was clear. Thank God for that. And for physics.

From Taylor Graham on Vimeo:
Road gaps are awe inspiring, epic feats portraying a skier’s prowess as he or she leaps over danger with style. Yet sometimes, the skier just lands on the road. A friend, my dad, and I spent a good part of an afternoon hanging out and building this jump, contemplating if it would work. Unfortunately, none of us have ever been very proficient at Physics (nor logic for that matter), and when I was voted to guinea pig the jump, it didn’t go quite as planned. You can tell how concerned my dad is by how much he laughed at me at the end of the video.

This video was a finalist in our GoPro $1K Moment of Fame contest.



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