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Watch Now: This is the best skiing fail of 2013

In the month of November, we hosted the inaugural Freeskier Fail Awards; we nominated 12 videos for “best skiing fail of 2013,” and through three rounds of public voting, 12 were narrowed to six, six to three, and three to one. After racking up 24,860 votes, “Huge Jump First Try, Sickest Crash In History,” took top honors.

We reached out to YouTube member, and Norwegian, Truls Henrik Frøysaker, to get the low-down on how this video came to be.


Hey Henrik, where was the video taken?

The video was taken at Valdres Alpinsenter in Aurdal, Norway.

Who is the skier, and how old is he?

The skier’s name is Sebastian Olsen, and he is 16 or at least was 16 at the time.

Can you confirm Sebastian broke his leg?

He actually didn’t break his leg, he fractured it. The doctor wasn’t sure so it took some time for us to get feedback but he later on confirmed it was fractured and not broken.

What went through your head when you shouted, “Nei!”

I was just mind-blown. As he was coming up to the jump, I just thought he had way too much speed, and he planned to just jump, not to do any flips. So when I saw he accidentally went into a misty I panicked and thought he was going to get seriously hurt.

This was Sebastian’s “first try” at the jump. Did he have any other jumping experience?

Not anything as crazy as what happened on that jump. He broke his leg at some other jump when he was little, but that was a long time ago. And after jumping on that jump, he didn’t want to jump that again. So don’t expect a sequel or anything.

Did you expect this video would receive as many views as it did?

Actually, all of us, the guys who were riding together that day with Sebastian, just set a goal that Ray William Johnson would review it on his Equals 3 show. But none of us really thought that would ever happen, but we all shared the video on websites and Facebook so it got lots of views really quickly and then FailArmy posted it on their channel and we all just flipped out. So we were really hoping to get many views, but at least I never really saw that coming, at least not as much as we have gotten.

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