Busted! T-Hall pleads guilty in Boulder, Colorado pot arrest

Busted! T-Hall pleads guilty in Boulder, Colorado pot arrest

Sometimes the man gets you down. And that’s exactly what happened in Boulder at the city’s New Visa High School at approximately 2:00 am on December 11 during a Poor Boyz film shoot. The shoot was interrupted by Boulder’s finest (yes, the guys who are still trying to figure out who killed child model and beauty pageant star JonBenet Ramsey) who reported the strong smell of marijuana emanating from a group of skiers in the midst of a rail session. Of course, the cops started asking questions and Tanner, ever the man, stepped up and took responsibility for the “evil weed”, thus earning a ticket for possession of a controlled substance.

Fortunately for Tanner as well as all the hippies who panhandle while smoking dope on Boulder’s infamous Pearl Street Mall, possession isn’t really a big deal in Boulder. Tanner entered a plea agreement of “guilty” yesterday, Thursday February 5, (was there really any question?) and now “owes” society 16 hours of community service plus court costs. Oh, and he’ll have to complete six months of unsupervised probation, too. Once he does that, he’s off the hook, with a clean record. Nice.

Hopefully full legalization of the “evil weed” isn’t too far away, so that Tanner won’t worry about hassles like this in the future and the police can continue in their futile chase of JonBenet’s killer without the distractions of dangerous criminals like Tanner keeping them too busy to go after murderers and rapists.

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