Become an AFP Member for just $25, limited time only

Become an AFP Member for just $25, limited time only

With a handful of AFP Gold Level events already having gone down in the past month, the 2012/13 competition season is in full swing. The good news is that it’s not too late to register to become an AFP Member. The even better news is that you can do so right now for just $25.

Why register? Because whether you’ve won the X Games or you’re competing in freeski events for the first time, the AFP World Ranking is the gold standard for measuring yourself against the competition. The AFP competition calendar is stacked; with so many competitions on the roster, the World Rankings reward consistency above all else. No matter the discipline you’re competing in, you’ll know exactly where you stand in the grand scheme.

And while one could compete for an entire season without registering with the AFP, and still decipher his/her standing, only the names and rankings of active AFP Members display on the AFP website. I.e. if Joey TooCool was ranked 40th in the AFP overall standings, and wasn’t a registered AFP Member, the overall rankings would appear like this: 38, 39, 41, 42. A competitor should know the value of self promotion, and along with your name and ranking, you get a profile listed on the site. Think potential sponsors are checking the standings regularly? Absolutely.

The AFP adds, “Numerous organizations, brands and events refer to the AFP Rankings when deciding sponsorship, event invitations, ski team selection or just Tweeting about who’s the next up-and-coming super star.” The AFP also notes, “By continuing your membership or becoming a new Member of the AFP, you join your fellow athletes, friends and competitors as part of the unified voice of freeskiing that will continue to steer and guide the future direction of our sport.”

The annual AFP points race culminates every spring at AFP World Championships in Whistler, BC. There, the World Champions of halfpipe, slopestyle and big air are crowned. The Sarah Burke Trophy is also awarded to the Overall World Champions.

The early season discounted rate for AFP Membership ($25) has been extended through October 15, 2012. When the deadline hits, the rate will return to normal ($35). Don’t delay. Register with the AFP before October 15, and put that $10 toward something good, like a couple of candy bars and sodas for your friends—surely they’ll appreciate the gesture.

For any assistance or questions regarding membership, contact [email protected].

For more information, check out the 2013 Competition Guide in the December issue of Freeskier.

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