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Beat the heat with 2020’s best ski films—all free online

Beat the heat with 2020’s best ski films—all free online

We’re deep in the summer doldrums. For us, that means scouring ski movies to build inspiration and stoke for the coming season. Luckily, we live in the greatest moment of all time for consuming ski media. The proliferation of (relatively) affordable and accessible film equipment and editing software has enabled a new golden age of the ski edit. Any skid with a mirrorless camera and a college Final Cut account can whip up a ski edit and slap it on YouTube for all to see. That doesn’t mean they’re all good, of course. But we’ve been able to find the signal from within all the noise and collected a few incredible films from last year, all free online. You may have caught a few of these, but they are all worth your time. Check out a few of the raddest indie ski films we’ve seen from 2020.


A two year passion project by Oliver Hoblitzelle, whose name you may recognize as the cinematographer behind films like Magma, Roasted, and Jake Mageau’s Real Ski cuts. He filmed a wild cadre of skiers including Andy Partridge, Will Wesson, Forster Meeks, Mageau, and more over the course of two years while they abused picnic tables, their skis, and their bodies. This is one of our favorite flicks from last year. The soundtrack alone is killer, but the skiing and inspiration is unreal.


The Strictly crew pillaged the streets and the backcountry from November 2019 to June 2020 and made one of the best films of the year in the process. Filmed by Andrew Mildenberger and Gavin Rudy, the stacked freestyle crew includes rail wizards like Pete Kukov and Sam Zahner and pillow popping icons McRae Williams and Ethan Swadburg. The slushy BC sled session in the last 5 minutes is the stuff of legends.

Subject 2 Change

Opening with one of the gnarliest crash reels we’ve ever seen, Carnage’s Subject 2 Change delivers some true Wydaho/Montana madness. Dubbed “your least favorite ski crew,” Carnage has a wild roster of talented skiers from the likes of Levi Ascher to Blake Wilson and Quinn Wolferman. Filmed and edited by Jonah Elston, Subject 2 Change is a low-budget masterpiece. So buckle in, start up the sled, and let ‘er rip. The only thing you have to lose is all the skin on your face.

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