To be on snow everyday this winter while progressing as an artist

To be on snow everyday this winter while progressing as an artist

Plain and simple i want to ski everyday this winter. Not only do i want to do that but i want to win my local park series competition. It consists of a four series format. WIth a rail jam, slope style, big air, and another slope style. This past season i placed third overall for the advanced category. I was not necessarily skiing everyday(probably got in around 75 days) but none the less i was skiing more than i ever had before. Towards the end of the season i started working for park crew at my home resort. This helped me ski more and more. Also with living only 5 minutes away from my resort getting there is never a problem. This past year it was not nearly as practical to ski non stop i was a junior in high school and had a full schedule. However for this upcoming season things are a little different. I am now a senior in high school with a fairly light schedule. Three days a week i get out of school at 1:30 for the fall semester and as for next semester i just have AP art and may be taking a class at the community college hear that will meat two days a week. Either way i will be getting out of school everyday before noon. Along with my school schedule i will be working full time on park crew and when Im not at work i will be there anyways skiing. My home mountain is open everyday form 9am-4pm and 6pm-10pm. More than likely i will be working mostly nights and rebuilds leaving my afternoons open for pure skiing. Along with my passion for skiing i also have a passion for art. I currently spend about 3 hours a day working on art at school not including the time i spend on it at home. I am only required to attend class for an hour and a half each day. So each day i am building a bigger and better portfolio while learning new techniques with different medias. For my AP art portfolio at the end of the year i am required to have 40 pieces. Im hoping to have far more and a stronger portfolio than the rest of my classmates. Therefore bettering my chances for scholarships and for getting into better colleges. Eventually i hope to incorporate my artistic talents as a career within the ski industry. Whether it be doing design projects for many small companies, starting my own, or working purely for a major company.

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