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‘This is the Motherload’, Ep. 3: Sometimes taking on the Motherload means knowing when to lean on your community

Pro skiers Izzy Lynch and Tessa Treadway navigate parenthood, grief and healing while raising kids in the mountains of British Columbia. 

Photography by Zoya Lynch

It’s not easy to ask for help. But when we give the people we love the chance to help us out, they can lift us up more than we could ever imagine. That’s the sentiment of the third episode of the new four–part series, Motherload, where we get an inside look at some of the ways Tessa Treadway and Izzy Lynch have leaned on their community to help keep their routines from getting too overwhelming. 

Whether or not you’re raising your kids in the mountains, knowing when to delegate is an important lesson for any parent, and that doesn’t mean giving up or admitting defeat. For Tessa and Izzy, getting outside is how they recharge and reset, taking care of themselves so they have more to give back to their families. 

Izzy’s mom lives right down the street, and (as long as it’s not a powder day) she’s there day and night to help her with Knox and Fitz. Izzy’s partner, Justin, came into her life when she was struggling to care for Knox on her own, and he knows the importance of helping her take time for herself, whether it’s a short run or walk, or a few hours on the slopes. “We’re super lucky to have these people in our lives and they just make it possible to not get too sucked into the labor of the motherload,” Izzy says. 

“Dave was really good at asking for help and I suck at it!” says Tessa. “I have to channel my inner Dave and make myself uncomfortable to ask for help.” For Tessa, sharing some of the motherload of responsibilities means calling up her dad, who lives close by and is always willing to carve out time in the day to help her out. “At first after [Dave] died there was something that felt empowering to take it all on—to think I can do this—but the reality of single parenting three little boys is that I can’t do it all. I burn out when I try,” she adds. 

Raising her kids in the vast mountains near Golden, B.C., hiring a traditional nanny to cook and clean wasn’t really what Tessa was after, but she knew she needed a little extra help. So instead, she hired two “mountain nannies,” young locals who ski and play outside with Kasper, Raffi, and Malto, freeing up some time for Tessa while at the same time teaching the kids tricks on their skis, or riding dirt bikes with them. It’s a win for everyone, and the mountain nannies love it as much as the boys do. 

“It definitely takes a village,” says Tessa of the support she’s felt from her community over the past few years. “It feels like the whole ski hill helps me parent sometimes.”

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