25 stylish clothing pieces that’ll help you look and feel like a million bucks

25 stylish clothing pieces that’ll help you look and feel like a million bucks

If you look good, you feel good—that’s the saying, right? Your clothing style says as much about you as, say, your skiing style, and putting your best fashion foot forward will help you feel and look like a million smackaroos. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up a collection of 25 pieces of clothing—from shorts to shades to sandals—that can help you take your style to the next level.

Alpha Shirt Jacket, by Strafe


The Alpha Shirt Jacket from Strafe just oozes style. A “lifestyle” fit, off-color chest pocket and collar, matte finish and Strafe-embroidered buttons equate to a mid-layer that can be worn meeting your girlfriend’s parents for the first time as much as it can on the skin-track or during après. Aside from looks, it’s built with 60 grams of Polartec Alpha insulation, which is incredibly lightweight and breathable, and adds a touch of warmth for when you need it. The stretch woven nylon micro ripstop face fabric on the exterior is durable, too, preventing wear and tear. I’ve found this to be my go-to jacket to wear to work during the cool, misty Boulder, Colorado spring. — Donny O’Neill, Senior Editor

Men’s Progresso Insulated Hybrid Hoodie, by The North Face


It’s thin and lightweight as can be, yet to my (and your) pleasant surprise delivers absolutely awesome protection from the elements. Thanks to 100 grams of PrimaLoft Gold insulation in the body I’ve stayed warm during early-morning and late-evening hikes, runs, climbs, bike rides, etc. Stretch-weaving in the hood and sleeves ensures excellent mobility while partaking in those activities. Laser-perforated underarm venting brings about noticeable and greatly appreciated breathability, as well. Whether you use this piece as a mid-layer during high-energy scenarios or simply sport it for a night on the town, you’ll appreciate its look and performance 100-percent of the time. — Henrik Lampert, Editor-in-Chief

Men’s Short-Sleeve On Sight Shirt, by The North Face


If you’ve ever worn The North Face’s ski gear, you can probably imagine how great their casual wear is, too. Exhibit A: the Short-Sleeve On Sight Shirt. Not just your average button-down, this puppy sports a blend of cotton and soft/stretchy Sorona Triexta fabrics, collectively providing a lightweight and plush construction that’s akin to some of the brand’s active wear. This thing has been a dream to wear on all sorts of endeavors this spring and it’s well worth just 60 bucks if I don’t say so myself. (The shirt comes in four awesome colors, Shady Blue Stripe pictured here.) — Connor W. Davis, Online Editor

Women’s UA Luster Bomber, by Under Armour


I’ve been getting compliments every time I wear this jacket out and I’m sure you will, too. With a stylish cut, fake leather detail and three pockets to store accessories, the Luster Bomber is perfect to wear both to work or out on town as the seasons transition from winter to spring, then summer. To top it off, the jacket is made of spacer fabric, providing an incredibly soft, luxurious feel against the skin—you’ll never want to take it off. — Sarah Sherman, Social Media Coordinator

Crossrange Prizm Snow Sunglasses, by Oakley


The Crossrange is customizable, which I love, allowing you to tailor the look to your style and preferences. The temples pads and nose pads are interchangeable, so you can mix and match between black with colored Oakley logo (pictured above) or transparent, which allows you to see the hinge color. Additionally, these shades come with Oakley’s contrast-boosting PRIZM lenses, which are the real damn deal. I use these mountain biking, hiking and also on my daily commute and they haven’t let me down. — Donny O’Neill, Senior Editor

Men’s Knockout Pullover Hoody, by 686


Everyone needs a solid hoody in their arsenal of gear, and lately we’ve been loving this offering from 686. The brand used to be soley snowboard-focused but broke into the ski scene this year, so sporting this garment around town and on the hill is my way of saying “welcome!” It’s made of ultra-comfortable, pre-shrunk cotton and polyester with a dreamy fleece liner inside—ideal for big adventures and hangin’ at home alike. — Connor W. Davis, Online Editor

Downtown Short, by Dakine


I love these shorts for their simplicity, style, comfort and pricepoint. The solid, neutral color goes well with any outfit—from the office to the golf course to just about everywhere in between; they boast a medium fit that’s not too slim nor too baggy; they’re made of a cotton/polyester blend with a little bit of stretch; and they’re under 50 bucks, which is a rare sight in lifestyle wear. Additionally, a unique feature that’s impressed me is the auto-locking zipper, which hatches tight at the top so you don’t have anyone burdening you with the ol’ “XYZ” joke. — Connor W. Davis, Online Editor


Coburn Pant, by Stio


The Coburn Pant has the stylish looks to be worn at work or out on the town and also the technical capabilities to crush a hike. What more could you really want in an everyday pant? I’ve been wearing the Coburn for about two months now both at the office, at the campground and out at the bar—it’s a chameleon. The stretch-woven Tetonic Twill fabric (Stio’s 94-percent nylon/six-percent spandex blend) allows for dreamy mobility. I had a curious friend ask me about the pants at a party recently and proceeded to show off just how flexible the Coburns are by doing squats next to the beer cooler. He was impressed, to say the least. The mesh pockets offer a bit of ventilation while a gusset in the crotchal region further boosts the range-of-motion. — Donny O’Neill, Senior Editor

Men’s Elias Sandal, by Chaco


This Birkenstock-style sandal from Chaco is another piece that fits in at work, in town, on-the-road, in-the-airport, at the campsite, etc. It’s like Lebron James in the NBA Playoffs, it just does it all. Full-grain leather straps and footbed, matte-finished metal buckles and a tribal-inspired carving in the footbed all add visual appeal while a pigskin lining and layer of foam in the midsole boost comfort. The functionality comes from 2.5 mm-deep lugs on the outsole that provide enough traction for low level activities. I’ve worn these babies while lounging around the campsite in the Wild Rivers Recreation Area in New Mexico and they were great for walking around to perform tasks as well as providing comfort after a day in bike shoes. — Donny O’Neill, Senior Editor

Four Stitches, by Swatch


The Four Stitches was designed with travelers in mind—its dark brown leather strap was inspired by the classic suitcase color. The black and white printed indices, stainless steel print bezel (with black and silver-colors for the hour numbers) and steel case add a touch of elegance, while glowing hour and minute hands along with a date window provide a bit of functionality. Its three-bar water resistance rating hints that it’s water resistant to 30 meters, but, I’m skeptical of how true those ratings are, and I’d keep my forays into the water with this watch to a minimum. — Donny O’Neill, Senior Editor

H Bar B Shirt, by Howler Brothers


Short-sleeve button up shirts are my go-to in the summer. They’re light, airy and bring more formality to the table than a run-of-the-mill T-shirt. Oh, and the more funky prints the better, please. The Vintage Floral print on the H Bar B Snapshirt brings some western influences to the table, while the pearl snap buttons up the elegance level. It’s built with a quick-dry polyester-cotton blend that yields comfort, it’s wrinkle-resistant—perfect for throwing on and looking presentable the morning after tying one on till the wee hours—and has a built in microfiber-lined hem you can use to clean your sunglasses. I’ve sported this at work, at the campsite and “dartying” (day-partying) in Denver’s Washington Park and I approve of it for all uses. — Donny O’Neill, Senior Editor

Neoprene Classic Prints Eyewear Retainer, by Chums


I’ve never been one to wear eyewear retainers. I didn’t have anything against them, I just haven’t ever given them a try. I’ve done a complete 180 since I’ve started wearing the Neoprene offering from Chums with my Oakley Crossrange sunglasses. The neoprene material is quick-drying (great for sweat, as well as for use during activities near or on water) and durable, which makes it great for a wide-range of outdoor adventures. For those using them on raft trips, for example, they’re lightly buoyant when used with shades up to 15 grams in weight. I utilized them on a mountain bike ride in the New Mexico desert and loved not having to worry about placing my shades somewhere after wiping away sweat from my eyes and brow. The biggest draw to the retainers, obviously, is you’ll be hard-pressed to lose them, as they’re strung up on your neck. — Donny O’Neill, Senior Editr

Dacker Chino, by Flylow


Chino fabric was first designed to create simple, durable and comfortable pants and shorts for soldiers to wear in the mid-19th century. Now, it’s commonly used in clothing worn by folks throughout the world. Flylow took the stiff, military stylings to a different level, employing a combination of classic chino cotton and spandex to promote stretch and mobility. Wear this while commuting on your bicycle, cruising on your longboard or just stretching out in your hammock, they’re sure to move with you and provide the ultimate comfort. Beautiful aztec-esque prints on the inner waistband and pocket are another subtle hint to style. — Donny O’Neill, Senior Editor

Questa Sunglasses, by Smith


The Questas (available in men’s and women’s frames) scream retro-chic, thanks to the pattern-etched metal nose, wire-core temple, round eye design and half-tortoise color on the eyes. The Olive Tortoise frame color comes in a polarized lens option, while others in the collection are available with Smith’s contrast-boosting Chromapop technology. These shades are meant for lounging back on a backyard deck, frosty brew in hand and gorgeous view in sight—or something along those lines. — Donny O’Neill, Senior Editor.

High Coast Trousers, by Fjallraven


I’ve been sporting the High Coast Trousers for about a week now and, man, they’ve turned into my go-to pant for everyday use, regardless of activity. First off, they’re so lightweight, it barely feels like I’m wearing anything downstairs. Second, the 65/35 polyester-cotton mix is woven densely together making it resistant to wear and ultra-durable. Then, the fabric is treated with Greenland Wax, which resists moisture and, combined with the densely-woven base material, becomes wind-resistant, too. I’ve worn these out on the town, on walks with my dog and skateboarding around my neighborhood on relatively warm days in Boulder and I am in love. — Donny O’Neill, Senior Editor

Light Hiker – Quarter, by Fits


I have socks for all occasions: Some have hot dogs on ‘em. Some have sushi rolls on ‘em. Some are 80s-esque neon. Some have Boston Bruins logos. One pair even has a cartoon drawing of Rob Gronkowski plastered on the front. I can go on and on. I love socks. And the quarter-length Light Hiker, by FITS, has become my go-to hiking sock. And living here in Boulder, Colorado, I hike multiple days per week. i.e. I use this sock a lot. There’s cushioning in the heel, toe and arch for comfort and support; a skin-tight fit ensures you won’t experience any bunching (and thereby blistering); the thickness is just right, not too thin nor too thick; and a 70% Merino wool construction is smooth to the touch, moisture-wicking and odor-free. — Henrik Lampert, Editor-in-Chief

Surge Jogger, by lululemon


“Athleisure” is real. If you’re keen to spend your everyday feeling and looking as sporty as can be, I recommend the Surge Jogger, by lululemon. I dig this pant for all of its obvious attributes (it’s lightweight, ultra-sweat-wicking and boasts four-way stretch) but the key selling point here is the zip on the cuffs for easy on and off. That, plus an unbelievably comfortable and stretchy waistband. See our complete review, here or shop now, below. — Henrik Lampert, Editor-in-Chief

Green .32 Pant, by Patrol USA


Here’s a rugged construction-style trouser that you’ll dig for your day-to-day grind and also out on the town and/or at play. This heavy-weight pant is highly durable and is made of 98-percent cotton and 2-percent spandex. That smidge’ of stretch sets this pant apart from other work-pants that just don’t have any give. Still, not everyone likes a stretch pant; this offering tiptoes that best-of-both-worlds line oh-so finely. Style and comfort when you want it, pure utility when you don’t. This pant is made in the USA and is also available in brown, blue and gray. — Henrik Lampert, Editor-in-Chief

Rectangle Snapback, by FREESKIER


This classic, 6-panel flat brim cap features sturdy cotton construction, adjustable snapback sizing and timeless style. There’s no better way to let the world know, “I’m a skier,” than by sporting a FREESKIER-branded cap. This particular design is also super limited-edition, so get yours before they’re gone. — Henrik Lampert, Editor-in-Chief

Fuse Boxer Modern Fit, by SAXX


A good pair of underwear truly cannot be underestimated—and this is especially true when it comes to products from SAXX. These folks have dedicated themselves entirely to figuring out how to accommodate the male anatomy, and I can say whole-heartedly that they’ve got it dialed. These boxers hold your you-know-what magnificently, whether you’re just relaxing or out in the mountains, much thanks to the Ballpark Pouch, a 3D hammock-shaped zone in the garment. And the intricate combination of spandex, polyester, modal, viscode, nylon and merino wool feels like a total dream against your skin. Not to mention, these come in a wide variety of styles and colorways, my personal favorite being the Epic Escape, pictured above. — Connor W. Davis, Online Editor

Authentic Chino Stretch Pant, by Vans


Some of you may think a pair of pants is just a pair of pants, but when you put on these suckers from Vans you’ll think otherwise. The stretch element to these makes ’em feel like a dream, thanks to the use of polyester and elastane, meaning you can wear them day in and day out and feel damn comfortable the whole time. Additionally, the medium fit hits a nice balance between super slim and extra baggy. We’ve been sporting the “Dirt” color, but the pant also comes in seven other options that are all rad. — Connor W. Davis, Online Editor

Iron Maiden Legends of Metal Socks, by Stance


Stance has made a name for itself by creating socks that are just as fun to look at as they are to wear. Coming in a huge range of designs and length options, they surely have something for everyone. These socks, inspired by heavy metal legends Iron Maiden, also have some hefty tech packed into them. They are made with Terry Loop fabric in the toe, heel and forefoot for medium cushion, provide arch support and also come with a reinforced toe and heel to combat wear and tear. Whether you’re looking to “Run to the Hills,” count down to “Two Minutes to Midnight” or attempt to understand “The Number of the Beast,” slip these on and rock the day away. — Sarah Sherman, Social Media Coordinator

Women’s Camp Jacket, by Mountain Standard


Perfect to wear on its own or as a mid-layer, the Women’s Camp Jacket is sure to be the envy of your friends. Made with 100-percent rip stop fabric that is DWR treated to be water repellant, this jacket is also packed with 60 grams of Primaloft insulation to make sure you stay warm and dry no matter where you go. The jacket has a kangaroo pocket in the front to store your phone, wallet, keys, etc. and a high collar helps you stay cozy around the campfire. The jacket was made to be slim fitting and stylish, meaning you won’t look like a marshmallow while staying warm and, to top it off, two additional side zippers along the front pocket enable you to easily take the jacket on and off. — Sarah Sherman, Social Media Coordinator

Rambler Belt, by Arcade


No matter if you’re crushing spring backcountry laps or chillin’ on the patio this spring you’ll need a belt to keep your pants up and increase your fashion sense. The stretchy Arcade Rambler is built to move as you do and its low profile design keeps it out of the way and out of mind. I’ve been sporting this Black/Sand colorway, which features a bull skull and arrows, and love how it makes me feel like a cowboy. Not a Dallas Cowboy, though (Go Giants!). — Donny O’Neill, Senior Editor

Women’s Dauntless Posted Sandal, by Keen


Talk about a fashion-forward sandal, am I right? With varying colors and textures, the Dauntless Posted is sure to catch everyone’s eye at your next get-together. Its elasticized straps keep your feet secure but allow for a bit of mobility and the leather-cover cork footbed cushions the foot, while adding an aesthetically pleasing touch, too. Girls, grab a pair, today. Guys, grab a pair for your girl, today. — Donny O’Neill, Senior Editor


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