Editor’s Review: Oakley Line Miner Goggle

Editor’s Review: Oakley Line Miner Goggle

You know how some people have obsessions with certain material objects? Like, people that have 100 pairs of shoes, or 100 different hats? My obsession is goggles. I have a lot of ’em and am therefore pretty darn picky about what I choose to take out on the hill. Oakley’s Line Miner goggle, without a doubt, is one of the best I’ve ever owned.

What I like most about the Line Miner is its wide, close-to-face fit. While most goggles with great peripheral vision often sit far away from your eyes and stick out of your helmet, these tuck in closely and let the width of the lens do all the work; it expands an inch or two to the sides of my eyes, so the frame is totally out of sight. (Side note: I pair these goggles with the Pret Cynic helmet—a solid match.)

Speaking of that wide and wonderful lens, it also boasts PRIZM technology, which enhances color and contrast dramatically and is ideal for all light conditions. On day one of testing, I experienced really flat light on pretty crusty snow, meaning I had to see the ground extra clearly in order to stay on my feet. It was no problem with the Line Miner’s PRIZM lens. On day two of testing, the sun was out in full force, and the lens fought off Colorado’s beaming rays like a total champ.

All in all, I love the look, feel and technology of the Liner Miner and highly recommend the goggle to absolutely any skier. — Connor W. Davis, Online Editor

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