Welcome to FREEKIER’S 2023-24 First Look edition – an inside guide to some of next year’s hottest new innovations, technologies and gear, and a look into some of the most significant trends driving the sport today. 

In this compilation, you’ll find stories addressing critical topics important to consumers and industry members alike. You’ll read about the state of trade shows in the snowsports industry, and what the new landscape might look like with earlier show dates and new initiatives. You’ll read the latest statistics and demographics on skier numbers and key metrics important to understanding today’s skiing audience. You’ll also be able to delve into our FREESKIER brand rankings, a breakdown of which brands in the industry resonate best with FREESKIER’s readership, garnered from more than 3,000 poll entries.

Of course, most important of all, First Look is chock-full of stories about next year’s hottest new products from across various categories. From skis and boots to avy packs and outerwear, we highlight some of the most innovative products and tech to hit the market next fall. Our brand-specific Product Showcase stories highlight brand collections, and our Deep Dive content takes a more in-depth look into various companies’ newest signature products and innovations in their lineup. 

First Look is the only resource of its kind, and it’s designed to provide you with an inside look at the most important storylines, products and trends that’ll be driving the ski industry in the year ahead. 

Enjoy getting this first look!