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[VIDEO] Madness at Ruka Park

The quick twisting, rail obliterating, mind melting crew known as Forre has blessed the ski world once again with the third installment of their documentations at Finlands finest, Ruka Park. If you have not yet seen their latest street project, “Forrgive“, please slap that link and and get your fix watching some of the best skiers in the world push the boundaries of sliding metal on metal. But if you’ve already scoped that madness, dive into “Forre in Ruka 3” for a three minute visual art project of poetry in motion.

Digital wizard Arttu Heikkinen went above and beyond to blow this beauty into its maximum potential. Seamless editing and unreal camera work emphasize every acrobatic move. Throw in some Dreamville audio and you’ve got yourself an edit hot enough to cook an egg on. To say the whole crew popped off would be a grave understatement, as you won’t find a single ripper in the 8 person line up that doesn’t blow your socks off at one point or another. I’ve been trying to narrow down a single rider to highlight, but I’m afraid that’s impossible in this heater. The level of skiing is beyond talented, but the flow of the whole project allows each individual to highlight their own creativity while contributing to the video as a complete piece. Maximum expression, but not stealing the spotlight. It’s a pretty damn beautiful unity if I do say so.

It’s impossible to ignore the exponential rate that this sport of snow sliding is progressing at. And with the progression, the creativity and happiness in a crew such as Forre never seems to be diminished, despite hard fought battles and slams. While the stunts might be higher, the rails more kinked, and the spins more dizzying, the energy here is the same caliber as an early days Poor Boyz production. Just look at D-Spin Mike Douglas push the limit in “Degenerates”. The craft evolves, but the passion is the same. Different animal, same beast. Nothing but love for Forre, as they, among others, propel skiing into the future, searing their own stamp into every stomp along the way.

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