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‘Kryptonius in Inn$brooklyn’ – The Kryptoskier Erik Moberg

It’s hard to capture feeling and culture in 3 minutes. You need knowledge of what you’re looking at, be in the right place at the right time, and above all else, just have an eye for it. Lucky for us, Eppern has all three. The underground film guru has been capturing the beauty of freestyle skiing for a few years now, and has given us an ever growing visual documentation of how skiing, both in sport and culture, is shifting and evolving before our eyes.

In this most recent short stunner of a flick, the camera is pointed towards the illusive Kryptoskier, aka Mr Erik Moberg. Sometimes monochromatic, always smooth as butter, Moberg is one of the most gifted and creative park skiers of our time. His riding is incredibly easy on the eyes, and always serves to inspire those watching. 3 minutes is never enough time when it comes to watching this silly sport we so love, but Eppern and Erik together make the most of it in ‘Kryptonius in Inn$brooklyn’. Complete with an ear pleasing Amanaz track, this bad johnson is an edit that could sooth the toughest of souls. Enjoy yet another banger from one of skiings best filmer/rider combos.

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