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Daniel Hanka and Simon Bartik have “The Cure” for what ales ya

ATTENTION ALL FREESKIER READERS, THIS IS A PUBLIC HEALTH ANNOUNCMENT: Are you feeling a bit under the weather? Are you suffering from too many spins and flips? Have you been exposed to over-complicated skiing? Do you feel anxious, nauseous, or skied out? Can you not stop barking like a Henrik-dog? If you are experiencing any of those symptoms, (except for the last one, which means you’re killing it), then call 1-800-Hanka-Bartik today. This no-joke solution is “The Cure” for any ski related illness that you could possibly encounter. While this masterpiece is short, sometimes you don’t need long to give a true artistic presentation. It’s undeniable that Daniel and Simon are straight up style guru’s, TO THE MAX. Their unmatched air control and silky smooth craftsmanship is enough to make a grown man cry, because of its unrefined beauty. Making straight airs and rails taps look THIS good sure ain’t easy. If you are suffering from, above all else, a lack of style, please, for your own sake, smack that play button as quick as possible, and let “The Cure” take away all your problems.

WARNING: “The Cure” will not solve or improve financial debt, physical problems, social anxiety, skiing addictions, fear of classical music, headaches, missing dogs, alien invasions, too much tuna, or bug infestations…. but it just might help.

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