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Brand-new footage from Chad’s Gap, featuring Tanner Hall, Karl Fostvedt and others

Thanks to ample snowfall in Utah this season, Chad’s Gap—a legendary backcountry booter featured in many of the greatest freeskiing films of all time—has been hittable once again. You may know this gap from the infamous Tanner Hall crash 12 long years ago; undershooting the jump left the skiing icon with two broken ankles and the video proof, below, went viral.

Now, Hall is getting redemption on the gap, alongside various other talented skiers including Karl Fostvedt, Taylor Pratt and Seth Klein. Watch the dudes go huge in the video, above. Then, get stoked for more footage because rumor has it that tons of other pros have been teeing off of this beast as of late.

Tanner Hall’s 2005 Chad’s Gap attempt

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Chad’s Gap ‘Grams

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