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Bobby Brown and Wiley Kaupas showcase 3 days at Saas Fee, Switzerland

You know the name all too well. For many of us, Bobby Brown has been someone to grow up around. His rise came right when skiing needed him most. He is no doubt a product of the so called “golden age of freeskiing”, coming right behind legends like Tom Wallisch and T Hall. For those who don’t know, Bobby has a storied and extremely influential past. At 18 years old he became the first skier to win back-to-back gold medals at the same winter X Games, bringing home the win in both Slopestyle and Big Air, where he was the first skier to ever land a switch double misty 1440. That world first earned him a perfect score, the first time one had ever been given in X Games Big Air history. He was dubbed the “fresh new face of freestyle skiing”, and has been known as one of the sports greatest ever since. Aside from his fantastic competition accolades, he has made a name for himself in his recent years of filming. With on and off injuries plaguing him as of late, it’s amazing to see what he’s still managed to achieve. From compiling films with his brother, Peter Brown, along with many friends, to stacking clips with the legendary Match Stick Productions, he hasn’t let bad luck deter his unbelievable drive to keep pursuing what he loves.

This season, big man Bob headed across the pond to enjoy the glaciers of the Swiss Alps. He was joined by Wiley Kaupas, who was able to film and put together the beautiful edit you’re about to watch. Unfortunately, sometimes the dice fall poorly for those who deserve the best. While in Saas Fee, Switzerland, Bobby over rotated and landed on his back, doing severe damage to his spine. Thankfully, doctors in the small town of Sion were able to perform a very successful surgery, and there was no damage done to his spinal cord. He is back home and seems to be well on his way to a healthy recovery, and we wish him nothing but the best. For an individual who has given so much love and dedication to the sport of skiing, it’s shocking that he has more left in the tank. Any normal man would have been out long ago. Yet, Bobby Brown doesn’t seem to be a normal man in any sense of the word. Whether it’s through his company, Dasoro, the many films he’s had a hand in, or through his skiing itself, Bobby will be found giving his all and benefiting those around him, for which he deserves an enormous thank you. With the hustle he’s shown, it won’t be long until he’s ready to take these young bloods back to class. But in the mean time, enjoy his cleanly refined, silky smooth style, and listen carefully to the wise words of this dedicated and passionate human being, in “Sounds of Saas Fee”.

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