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“BERGY X BIGGY” | Satisfy your style needs with Émile Bergeron, Yan Bussières and Xavier Mayrand

The multitalented Xavier Mayrand is a shining light in the ski industry. With his new podcast, The Mayrand Podcast, he is giving a platform to those who have given so much life to skiing to speak about exactly what they’re passionate about. Xavier is a jack of all trades, however, and is as good behind the camera as he is with words. With the infamous duo of Émile Bergeron and Yan “Biggy Rag” Bussières as the subjects, you already knew this edit was going to carry serious heat. Xavier has injected 50 CC’s of Mac Dre’s California fueled funk into some of the most stylish park skiing around, and created a masterpiece. In “BERGY X BIGGY,” we are given a glimpse at what happens when a skier that’s as refined as Émile is allowed to let loose on an all time, uncrowded, freshly groomed park set up. His unbelievably deep bag of tricks is honestly something to marvel at, and while social media has made so many incredible skiers accessible for the world to see, somebody with the skill set of Émile should not go under-appreciated.

Don’t be mistaken, Yan is also an absolute terror on the sticks. While keeping up with a skier like É-dawg is no easy task, Biggy Rag clearly goes above and beyond, putting his own individual stamp on his shots. Both of these rippers are so damn creative, one could happily watch them for hours. The real style stamp here has to be Mayrand’s polished filming, editing and, obviously, his lethal song selection. Anybody can slap a few clips together, but to do it in such a way that accentuates the riders style and grace is a true skill. “BERGY X BIGGY” is a beautiful presentation of what an immaculate rider / filmer combo can produce. Hats off to these Xavier, Émile, and Yan for this head nodding, foot tapping beauty.

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