Poll: When is it acceptable to use snow blades?

Poll: When is it acceptable to use snow blades?

I came across this tweet by Mr. Jason Levinthal yesterday, and my first reaction was, “Yes!” After having spent a week with Ian Compton and Team Nordica this spring on the Road Trip Challenge (RTC), I saw plenty of epic blading go down. Jibs galore at the Bush, 1080s at Okemo, ledges and rails in downtown Burlington, etc. Compton loved those damn blades, and if anyone is deserving of a custom short-stick, it’s him.

It’d been quite a while since I’d seen a great blading performance and it got me thinking, “How many people actually use snow blades on the reg’?” Prior to the RTC, the idea of snow blading had slipped into the back of my mind, lost and forgotten—a lesser activity. Bladers are regularly stigmatized. I don’t see ’em all too often out here in Colorado. How many folks out there are actually staying true to the cause?

So, we’re opening it up to the masses…

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