One week left to enter to win a trip to La Grave, France with Freeskier & GORE-TEX

One week left to enter to win a trip to La Grave, France with Freeskier & GORE-TEX

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In our 2014 Photo Annual, we announced that Freeskier would be giving you the chance to accompany us on a ski mountaineering trip to La Grave, France. Along with GORE-TEX athletes Seb Michaud, Bruno Compagnet, and Christophe Dumarest, the winner will participate in the GORE-TEX Experience Tour Freeski Mountaineering Camp.


This could be you. Illustration by Chris Hotz.

The three-day camp, taking place from March 28-30, gives a theoretical and practical foundation of skills in ski mountaineering. The winners will also score a Norrona GORE-TEX Pro jacket, and be able to test various GORE-TEX gear throughout the trip.

All you have to do is submit a photo or, even better, a video of yourself getting rad in the mountains, whether it be shredding pow, dropping cliffs, or jump turning down near vertical chutes, to Freeskier’s Facebook page, and then explain to us why you deserve to be a part of our excursion to the French Alps. Submissions are still being accepted, but only through midnight MST on January 15 – that’s one week left to receive the opportunity of a lifetime. To enter, and see the other entries, head to Freeskier’s Facebook page. We have received some quality submissions so far, and here are some of our favorites to hopefully inspire you to do the same.

Example #1: Willis Brown

Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 12.14.41 PM

Willis submitted a video featuring plenty of deep powder, double backflips, and big ol’ cliff hucks.

Why do I deserve this?

I think I deserve this because I have dedicated my life to skiing and to exploring mountains and plan to do so forever no matter what happens. A ski mountaineering trip with Freeskier Magazine in France would be the start to an amazing 2014 season and lifelong dream come true. I’ve been to Europe once, to Switzerland, and have never stopped thinking about getting back to truly ride and experience the mountains with knowledgeable professionals. I’ve worked hard year round for years upon years to be ready for life changing experiences like this contest. I would be beyond honored to win this contest and travel with Freeskier to France not only for my own amazing experience, but for those who share the same dreams and are currently physically unable to participate. Bringing an amazing story and experience back to friends and family is, to me, as rewarding as the trip itself.

Example #2: Brian Kretschmar

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 10.23.48 AM

Brian also submitted a video that showcases some deep Wasatch powder skiing around Alta Ski Area.

Why do I deserve this?

Thanks for asking Freeskier and Gore-Tex. My name is Brian Kretschmar. I am a reading teacher by day, weekend warrior skier, dad, husband, photographer, videographer, karaoke king, P90x, DJ, gluten free, etc. I moved to SLC, Utah in 1996 to ski, oh and start my teaching career. I am inspired each and every time I venture into the great outdoors, by nature, by the moment, by the rush, by creating memories. Glad I survived that avalanche! Glad I didn’t run into that moose as it dashed across the single track! Everyone would love a trip like this and it’s going to be an amazing experience for whoever wins. I don’t know if anyone deserves a trip, but here are a few reasons why I think I would be an excellent contender when you’re making your decision. First, I always tell my students to aim high and work hard to achieve their goals. I’d love to be able to share this experience with them. Second, check out one of my videos for proof of my “strong skierness” (pretty sure that’s a word). I’m the guy in red. I also shoot both still images and shoot with a couple GoPros, so I would be able to chronicle and share this experience on my blog, on Facebook, on other social media, with the world! Finally, I just turned 41. My time is running out! If I’m going to ski big mountain lines in Europe, it’s now or never! Sorry for so many exclamation points and I’m starting to ramble. I’m also very positive, have energizer bunny energy level, fun, plays well with others, good listener. Thanks so much for considering my entry. Best of luck with your decision. Congrats to whoever wins!

Example #3: Rex Lint

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 10.20.48 AM

Rex submitted an excellent (Instagram worthy at least) photo of himself on the summit of a mountain at sunrise, and then gives one compelling argument as to why he should go on this trip.

Why do I deserve this?

I will carry a fucking 50 lb. pack up some scary shit. Sure I’ll be off the back, but not so far that your feet get cold waiting on me. I’ll drink more beer than all you bitches and still get up first to go get some snow in my grill. Shit I’ll even get a grill if that gets me on the trip man. I’ll roll my RED EPIC on some carbon fiber fishing pole over a 50 degree dogleg chute if that’s what it takes to get the shot. I won’t ever cock block, as I am happily married and old, but I am a master wing man, and have facilitated many a romance. I never bitch, I am always having fun, and I’ll call out your bullshit so you can scrape it off your boots and get your groove on. Let’s go ski.

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