Mike Douglas launches Kickstarter campaign for new movie project, “SNOWMAN”

Mike Douglas launches Kickstarter campaign for new movie project, “SNOWMAN”

Mike Douglas (the Godfather) has just launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund his video project, titled SNOWMAN. The film focuses around Douglas’ longtime friend Kevin Fogolin, an avalanche mitigation specialist in British Columbia’s Coast Range. Here’s what Douglas had to say regarding the film:

“Ascending deep into the mountains aboard a helicopter loaded with 500lbs of explosives, Kevin Fogolin is tasked with mitigating a potentially destructive avalanche that threatens a big-business hydro-electric project. After lighting the fuse and deploying a 50lb bomb, the unthinkable happens… As the helicopter slams into the mountain, Fogolin knows he is going to die.

Having spent most of his life trying to break the shackles of small town expectations, Fogolin finally pairs his career with his passion for snow – until everything is snatched away in an instant. Through a series of events stranger than fiction, he survives, and in the aftermath ultimately achieves the life he and his best friend dreamt of as kids.

Set in the dramatic mountains of British Columbia, Canada, SNOWMAN is a film about risk, friendship, dreams, family, fear and redemption.”

Douglas’ ski sponsor, Salomon, has also pitched in, and are offering a variety of next year’s skis signed by Douglas and Fogolin, for those who pledge money to the Kickstarter campaign.

For more information on how you can contribute, click here.

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