Lars Erik Skjervheim skis record 20,939 vertical meters in 24 hours

Lars Erik Skjervheim skis record 20,939 vertical meters in 24 hours

Lars Erik Skjervheim, 37, a Norwegian ski mountaineer, skied a world record 20,939 vertical meters (approximately 68,697.5 feet) on May 19, besting the previous 24-hour world record of 18,644 set by American Mike Foote in March 2018. In addition, fellow Norwegian Malene Blikken Haukøy, 26, set the women’s world record at 15,440 meters (approximately 50,656 feet).

Malene Blikken Haukøy in the midst of a women’s world record. Photo: Haakon Funderud Lundkvist

The duo’s venue for the world records was Myrkdalen Ski Area, located near Voss, Norway. The two Dynafit athletes utilized the DNA line of ski mountaineering products, produced specifically for ski-mo athletes seeking incredibly lightweight equipment.

“I will never do that again,” said Skjervheim, comically, about the daylong endeavor. “The hardest part of this project was between hours 14 and 19. I noticed how my energy bit by bit dwindled. Also, I started to get some very bad muscle aches in my right leg. But after 20 hours I could see the light at the end of the tunnel and that gave me another big push. I am proud and happy that I could set a new record. I have dreamed of this for the last three years.”

Haukøy, adding to the comical notion of climbing and skiing the equivalent of two-and-a-half Denalis in a single day, said,”chips and dip that taste a bit like being on holiday and non-alcoholic beer are not as successful of a combination for a Saturday evening.”

For reference, Skjervheim skied the ski area loop 44 times.

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