Henrik Harlaut’s ‘Nose Butter Radio’ serving up hot jams for hot laps

Henrik Harlaut’s ‘Nose Butter Radio’ serving up hot jams for hot laps

Henrik Harlaut, the Swedish savior of skiing, has come to bring your ears a treat while you’re out tearing up the early season hills with the homies. Your pants will sag and your style will probably increase 10 fold when you throw those ear buds in and press play. This mix, dubbed Nose Butter Radio 001, is an eclectic blend of music that we can assume inspires the barking dawg every time he drops in. However, we feel the need to disclose that, by some slip up of the universe, there are ZERO Wu-Tang tracks on this playlist. Trust that we too feel the shock and dispare, but there is hope that this lack of RZA and crew is only because Henrik is saving up for a complete breakdown of his personal favorite Wu tracks.

Nose Butter 001 does include a taste of Earl Sweatshirt, Madlib, UnoTheActivist, Channel Tres, and other notable names that will get you grooving. It’s got a wide variety, so don’t be surprised if the first song that rings on your shuffle doesn’t instantly get you juiced. If this mix isn’t all for you, don’t fret, stay tuned for more NBR playlists from Henny in the near future. And give the Harlaut Apparel cite a peep while you’re jammin’. They’ve got plenty of threads that will keep you cozy as the temperatures dip and the snow settles in. Happy listening!


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