How to follow the 2014 Road Trip Challenge teams on social media

How to follow the 2014 Road Trip Challenge teams on social media

The 2014 Road Trip Challenge kicks off today in Boston, MA; one week, two RVs, two teams, three skiers per team, one photographer, one videographer per team, 150+ challenges, one winning team. All week long, we’ll be relying on you, the New England faithful for help along the way. How to stay in touch? Follow the road trippers via social media; here are some links to get you started:

Team K2

K2 Instagram: @k2_skis
K2 Twitter: @k2skis
Team K2 #RTC14 email:
Team K2 #RTC14 RV phone #: 603.892.8929 (Call Anytime)

Skier: Sean Jordan

Instagram: @seanjordan
Twitter: @seanairjordan

Skier: Maks Gorham

Instagram: @maksgorham
Twitter: @maksgorham

Skier: Clayton Vila

Instagram: @claytonvila
Facebook: Clayton Vila

Filmer: Kyle Decker

Instagram: @kylegdecker
Twitter: @kylegdecker

Photographer: Topher Baldwin

Instagram: @baldwinchphoto

Freeskier Editor: Damian Quigley

Instagram: @dcquigley
Twitter: @d_quigz

Team Nordica

Nordica Instagram: @nordicausa
Nordica Twitter: @nordicausa
Team Nordica #RTC14 email:
Team Nordica #RTC14 RV phone #: 603.892.8930 (Call Anytime)

Skier: Ian Compton

Instagram: @comptonsweak
Twitter: @chompton

Skier: Dale Talkington

Instagram: @daletalkington
Twitter: @daletalkington

Skier: Kieran McVeigh

Instagram: @mcslay
Twitter: @kieranmcslay

Filmer: Evan Williams

Instagram: @williamsevan
Twitter: @newintelgroup

Photographer: Peter Cirilli

Instagram: @petercirilliphotography
Twitter: @petercirilli

Freeskier Editor: Henrik Lampert

Instagram: @hanklambo
Twitter: @hanklambo

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