Ever wonder how they design and construct the Olympic medals?

Ever wonder how they design and construct the Olympic medals?



(c) Sochi 2014

Olympic medals denote a world-class performance and their concept, design and construction must represent that, while paying homage to the host country’s heritage. The 2014 medals are modern in flavor and tip the scales between 460 and 531 grams. Conceptualized by design agency Leo Burnett, they measure 100mm in diameter. A polycarbonate inlay was inspired by the Caucasus Mountains where the Games will take place.

The Adamas jewelry factory in Moscow produced about 1,300 medals and each one took approximately 18 hours, from start to polish. Adorning them are various Russian designs along with the Olympic rings (duh), the Sochi logo, and the specific competition name engraved in English. Perhaps the most interesting medals will be handed out to a few lucky athletes who crush the competition on February 15th, one year after a meteorite struck down on Russia from the heavens above. These intergalactic medals will have shards of the 11-ton space rock embedded to honor those affected by the event.

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