Dissecting the best claims in the game; showmanship FTW

Dissecting the best claims in the game; showmanship FTW

Now that’s a claim

Although freeskiers express their joy at stomping a successful run, too few exhibit the unrestrained showmanship of straddling and riding a hockey stick down the ice (Tiger Williams), grabbing a cell phone from the goal post (Joe Horn), reeling a teammate in like a fish or ripping one’s jersey off to expose rock hard abs (every soccer player, ever). Freeskier urges our Olympians to get on YouTube and study up before the Games. Here are some skiers who already get it.

Wise: Emphatic and classic, both hands straight out. Mugging into the camera and saying, “Tonight is my night!” is the icing on the golden cake.

Rolland: When you win four X Games gold medals over two years, you have time to practice your claims. The duck arms and primal screams of Rolland are a shining light in the history of claims.

Goepper: The pole whip after winning X Games Aspen in 2013 gets points for using the prop that no other sport has, but we’d be remiss to ignore the Future Spin claim that followed nearly going off course during 2012’s Dew Tour at Snowbasin.

T. Hall: The tackle claim is a favorite of many, but Tanner has the best post-run bear hug in the game.

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