Bummer news: 2015 War of Rails cancelled

Bummer news: 2015 War of Rails cancelled

2015 War of Rails has been cancelled.

Craig Coker, former pro shred’ and WOR founder announced via email this morning, “I have decided to halt organization and production of WOR VI. It is with great disappointment in myself that it has come to this. The last month, I have been toggling between new ideas and scrambling to raise money that I lost in such a short amount of time. A domino effect of issues has finally outweighed the solutions I can come up with. Financially, I pondered about contributing my own money to keep this event afloat, something which I have done in the past. Unfortunately my pockets aren’t deep enough this time around. It has been an emotional journey. I have worked my fingers to the bone and I have exhausted all of my resources. For me, failure is a hard one to swallow. Especially after my aggressive, laboring efforts to provide a unique event that I know this industry needs and people yearn to spectate annually.”

Coker adds, “I am truly sorry for any inconvenience I may have caused you and or your company. Although my failure has prevailed this year I would like to resume possible relationships and discussions for resurrecting WOR in 2016. I don’t regret these past years of my event. They have all been very successful. I applaud and thank each and every one of you that has been involved with the support of WOR and my ideas. I literally couldn’t have done it without you.”


2014 War of Rails. Photo by Nate Abbott.

This comes as sad news to skiers, indeed, who have looked to WOR annually as a top-event, one which spurs outstanding creativity from a who’s who of top-name talent. Having covered WOR numerous times myself, I can say with certainty that aside from the amazing display of skiing that we’ll miss out on this spring, we’ll equally miss the uplifting camaraderie (also the hot dogs and Bloody Marys) shared among competitors and industry folk on the famed sun deck at Bear Mountain.

I spoke with Mr. Coker on the phone this week and I know it cuts him to the core to make this decision. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for better news next year, and please join me in thanking Craig for many years of hard work, and for his vision to host a rail jam unlike any other.

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