X Games Behind The Scenes – The Athlete Lounge

X Games Behind The Scenes – The Athlete Lounge

Ah, the X Games. Where else is the terrain park is manicured to perfection, the crowds the largest and rowdiest, and are the athletes treated so well. And at such a premier event, where is the place to be? It’s not the top of the pipe, nor is it the VIP tent. The most sought after, yet scarcely attainable area is the coveted Athlete Lounge. For the most part needing either Athlete or Team Manager credentials, the lounge is well guarded by two security guards, making sneaking in very hard (trust me, I’ve tried in years past). And for the majority of people that will never see where the athletes prepare, Tom Dolezel has been kind enough to take us through the array of amenities offered to those lucky enough to hold membership.

– Lounging. The lounge is littered with couches, chairs and other cozy looking sitting apparatus. There is no shortage of room to rest some weary bones after a day on the hill.

– The Acai health bar. This place serves a sorbet type of food with nuts and fruit. Supposedly from the rain forest, it helps keep the athletes in check with their inner athlete.

– The drink bar. Colorado is dry, so athletes get thirsty. Slanging Vitamin Water, Red Bull, Smart Water and an assortment of other drinks, you’ll stay well hydrated. And the Bartenders are nice too.

– Computers. Need to check your facebook? Get the latest update on Freeskier.com? ESPN was nice enough to furnish the lounge with some slick computers to surf the NET.

– The food. Athletes are pretty broke, so ESPN has provided three meals a day. Staples include soups, sandwiches, pastas, desserts and the all-around favorite: pizza.

– Pleasurable Paws. The on-call physical therapist to help you work out your sore shoulders or shin bang. A must have for any event.

– The Arcade. With Golden Tee, Galaga and Ms. Pacman, who couldn’t be entertained by these old school classics. Free to play so you can finally get to that 9th level.

– Playstation station. If old school isn’t your thing, then try your hand at some new Playstation games on the flatscreen.

-Tim Russell’s son. Want to try your hand at adulthood? Looking for a way to pick up girls? Just ask Tim if you can help nurse his son, Kashton, and you’ll be in.

There is so much more nuance and subtlety involved within the athlete lounge, but it would take way too long to offer up. We hope that you enjoy the X Games. From outside.


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