X Games 12 – Athlete Kickoff Party

X Games 12 – Athlete Kickoff Party

Last night, X was kicked off at the Hotel Jerome in a short-but-sweet kickoff party.

After a showing of Roxy’s movie, Labor of Love, the DJ kicked into high gear and the swanky Hotel Jerome was turned into a raging nightclub. With free alcohol provided by Coors Light and Red Bull, and Smartwater keeping everyone hydrated, the party went off, highlighted by John Symms performing magical long-arm pours of water into his mouth, and Tyler Hamlet opting for pouring beer directly onto his head.

Huge thanks to the sponsors: Coors Light, VAS, Roxy, Zune, Smartwater and 48STRAIGHT.

There are too many photos to post them all here on the site. Check out the preview of photos on the right, and for the real deal, click here.

Check out the photos HERE


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