Winter X Games 12 Superpipe. With Photos!

Winter X Games 12 Superpipe. With Photos!

The Winter X Games never disappoints. Big air, new tricks, the best competitive skiing and the world’s largest stage, X Games has become the place to be for Superpipe. This year, Tanner Hall walked away victorious, his 3rd straight gold medal in the discipline. And for his 3rd straight year, Simon walked away with the silver medal, with Colby West rounding out the podium.

From practice to execution in finals, Tanner Hall skied flawlessly and effortlessly. His run consisted of a right 900 to start things off to a big 1260 to alley oop flatspin 540 to 900 to alley oop flatspin 360, to switch 720 to alley oop 900, Tanner looks great. With decent amplitude and smooth style and solid landings, it was hardly a surprise he topped the podium.

Simon took the word amplitude to a new level, jacking his first hit 900 to new heights, followed by massive airs on his 1260, alley oop flatspin 540, alley oop 720 and switch 720. The crowd was markedly disappointed when Simon’s 3rd run didn’t place him in first, but as the true professional, Simon accepted defeat and walked away happily with the silver.

Colby James took 3rd with his solid, solid runs. Mixing both spins and big air propelled Colby into 3rd place. Despite being Colby’s 2nd medal of his career, he looked as happy as ever to be on that podium.

The night was full of other highlights: Mike Riddle’s HUGE 1080s, Peter Olenick’s Whiskey Flip, Jossi Wells’ more than solid skiing, and Matt hayward wrapping up a nice 1260. The one bummer in the night was Kevin Rolland had a minor knee injury in practice and did not start, best of luck to Kevin on his injury.

All in all, the X Games Superpipe delivered on all fronts. Big crowds, big air, big tricks, big winners, and big crashes. We’ll see you tomorrow for Women’s finals and Big Air, so stay tuned as there is plenty more X games coverage.

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