Growing up as a skier in Wisconsin is tough. We have the shortest runs, the slowest lifts, and the oddest snow and weather conditions.

There I was, at two and a half years old, all bundled up in my pink one piece snow suit. My parents dropped me off at Indianhead Ski School and my dad said “Now Kristin, once we see you on the lift, you can come ski with us!” All I remember from ski school was watching the Jungle Book and eating Hot Dogs.. 🙂

Growing up a skier was another challenge. None of my friends skied. We would go on family vacations every weekend, and once I hit the 2nd grade, we ventured out west. Big Sky, Montana was our first “real mountain” experience. My Dad took us on our first double diamond on that trip. I’ll never forget him saying to my sister and me “Now girls, DON’T tell your mother about this!” And being the kids we were, the second we saw my mom at lunch we started screaming “Mom Mom guess where Daddy took us?”

My parents always encouraged us to take on new challenges. I am now in my fifth year of college at the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point studying Nutrition Science and Health Promotion/Wellness. Also, possibly attending the University of Wisconsin Madison for Graduate School for Nutrition Science.

When making my school schedule, the first thing I make sure of, is no Friday classes! Stevens Point is about a 25 minute drive from Granite Peak Ski Area and about a 30 minute drive from Nordic Mountain. When I am at home, I ski Hidden Valley. Probably the World’s Smallest Ski Hill (it’s more like a “ditch”), but we have so much fun out there! It’s better than nothing!

There’s just something about hitting the pow that makes your mind focus on one thing. Skiing. While most of my friends are hating on the 14 inches of snow we got, I’m taking a “ski day” from school and hitting the slopes!

Some of my favorite things in life are:
Skiing (duh.), tennis, golf, ice skating, snow shoeing, scrapbooking, eating organic foods, my family and friends, my yellow lab Emma, skydiving, cooking fabulous meals (especially desserts!), vacations, SNOW!, volunteering, Jesus, reading, dancing, organizing (I could spend my life savings at IKEA…I’m a weirdo…i know it), working out, surfing, swimming and diving, listening to music, playing the piano, doing my nails, driving fast cars, water skiing, biking, Mother Nature…

i’m sure i’m forgetting a million things, but you get the idea 🙂

As Warren Miller said, “It’s always easy to smile at a pretty girl, but it takes an exceptional man to ski with one.” I live my life by that. I’ll admit it, I do a little trash talking here and there, but I sure can back it up! I am a very outgoing girl, always have a smile on my face, very approachable, funny, enthusiastic, loyal, and loving. I would be a wonderful Lange Girl for those of us in the Midwest! Love you Lange!


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