A Whole Lotta BS: Simon Dumont’s Longest Drive

A Whole Lotta BS: Simon Dumont’s Longest Drive

There are few Monday afternoon activities better than a round of golf with your friends. Today I was fortunate enough to catch up with Simon Dumont for a slow nine holes at the Flatirons Golf Course. Simon is naturally gifted when it comes to golf, as he demonstrated with a modest 37 on the front nine. That is compared to my poorly played 53. All water hazards and divots aside; we had a terrific day hitting the links and had a chance to catch up with the Dumont.

A Whole Lotta BS: Simon Dumont

How often do you get to golf each year, and how many of those times do you get to use your own clubs?

I only get to play golf about 10 times a year and have probably used my clubs once in the last two years. It is a pain constantly borrowing or renting clubs, but it always makes the game a little more interesting.

Nice form Simon

Who would be in your ideal golf foursome?

I would say Keira Knightley, Megan Fox, and my girlfriend, Charlie, because I love her dearly.

Which do you prefer to drink, a John Daly or an Arnold Palmer?

A John Daly would be my drink of choice. However, I wouldn’t dare drink alcohol when I am on the golf course. I am a man who cares about my personal performance and anything that may be a hinderance, I make sure to leave at home.

How is Empire’s golf glove collection looking?

We are not actually making golf gloves just yet. We are still trying to appeal to our core demographic, the skier. Once we have perfected that task then maybe golf gloves will be in the future.

If Empire had a golf team would Tiger make the cut?

Of course he would. Tiger might be a controversial character these days but he could wear a diaper and still make people want to buy it. He is one of the greatest athletes of all time and you have to respect that.


Simon Waiting for Everyone Else to Hole Out

Speaking of greatest, you have claimed to be the best golf cart driver of all time. What makes you so sure of this title?

I just go out there and put the gas pedal to the floor the entire time. I drive the course the way it is suppose to be driven. I bring my co-driver, Jake Largess, to navigate me around difficult turns and banks. I am also sure to pack my super light Oakley bag that allows us to reach a greater maximum speed than the other carts.

You are a man of many talents. Is there any sport that you just suck at?

I am not very good at sports that fail to interest me. If I am interested in something I give it 110 percent every time. However, if I do not enjoy something I tend not to pursue it.

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