A Whole Lotta BS: Jackie Paaso, Female Threat

A Whole Lotta BS: Jackie Paaso, Female Threat

Not everyone knows Jackie Paaso, but they sure as hell will. She is a Tahoe ripper who laughs in the face of danger. She has been tearing up the most extreme backcountry lines, which most of the boys wouldn’t even look at. Sometimes her risk taking can get her in some trouble, but Jackie is pushing the sport to a whole different level. In her first major video section, Jackie was nominated for the 2009 Powder Awards, Best Female Performance. This is just a glimpse of what’s to come.

This true talent started out as a mogul monkey on the Sunday River Freestyle team. She was the heartthrob to all the young boys on the team, but that never stopped her from kicking booty in competition. Jackie is an all around ripper, from rails and jumps to steep AK lines, she conquers it all. She is also the toughest chick I know. This girl has taken some of the gnarliest falls I have ever witnessed and bounced right back up and done it again.

Freeskier: What is Jackie Paaso up to this summer?
Jackie Paaso: Well I’m down in Argentina to do some skiing then heading over to New Zealand for the World Heli Challenge.

FS: So you are in Argentina now?
JP: I am, I got in yesterday. It was a pow day today!

FS: That is always a good thing.
JP: It is, it was a bit wind buff and the good stuff wasn’t open, but it was pretty good for my first day of the summer.

FS: Absolutely! So last year you were nominated for Best Female Performance. Did you film this year?
JP: I was nominated for Best Female Performance for my section in Adventure Film Works, AK the Hard Way. They didn’t do any filming this year. I didn’t really have anyone to film with. It kind of sucked. I hope I figure something out this year.

FS: Well hopefully we can find you a new film crew. I have great confidence that your competition results will speak for their self. Any other big plans for this up coming season?
JP: Um, nothing really set in stone at the moment. I’m skiing for this new team, unofficialsquaw.com and they are hooking me up with all my travels so I hope to do some more comps and my biggest goal would be to do a ton of filming. Still putting it all together at this point.

FS:Perfect. Do you think we can be valentines again this year?
JP: Well I do have a boyfriend, but I think he’ll understand. You have been my valentine forever.

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