A Whole Lotta BS: Geeking Out With Craig Coker

A Whole Lotta BS: Geeking Out With Craig Coker

Craig Coker, professional skier and Mac-enthusiast extraordinaire, has moved away from the mountains and onto the beaches of San Diego. There he works from his home fixing computers and accessories for a far cheaper price than one would find at the Apple store. His business is called Mobile MacFix since his services are door-to-door. When you call Craig for a fix, he will drive to your house and pick up your electronic device, then once the task is complete he will return it to you. He also does repairs via mail.

Fortunately for Craig, he gets to be his own boss. He has plenty of time to hit the beach for an afternoon surf session or take the short drive up to Bear Mountain to pursue his other true passion, skiing. Craig was born a Big Bear local. He even started his own annual event at the mountain known as War of the Rails. Craig’s business and location truly allow him to have the best of both worlds.

Freeskier: Tell us about Mobile MacFix?
Craig Coker: I founded Mobile MacFix in 2008. It’s a computer repair business specializing in Apple products. It was something to keep me busy during the off-season of my skiing career. Now it has progressed into a full-time occupation. Right now, it’s a mobile business in the heart of San Diego, CA. I plan to open a retail store in 2011. From there my goal is to have MMF stores spread all across the U.S. and be richer than Oprah.

FS: So would you say you ‘Mac off’ often?
CC: What kind of question is that? All day, duh.

FS: What has been the weirdest request you have ever had to fix?
CC: Weird requests are very normal. For example, asking to upgrade a 13″ MacBook screen to a 17″ screen, which isn’t possible, obviously. Another classic request is asking to make a desktop into a mobile laptop. However, the list can go on forever.

FS: How often do you get up to Big Bear in the winter?
CC: I try to get up there as much as I can. If you love park skiing, you have to hit Bear Mountain Resort. There isn’t any park like it. Even though I don’t ski professionally anymore I am still very much connected with the ski industry. I try to ski as much as possible because I have a huge love for the sport and always will.

FS: What was your inspiration for starting War of the Rails?
CC: A lot of things come to mind. There are very few ski events in Southern California. I think it’s a huge bummer because if skiers knew how fun Bear Mountain was then it would be flooded with skiing. I also want to give back to the ski community that has given me so much. I feel this is a great way to connect to others and have a great time while doing it.

FS: What separates War of the Rails from other contest?
CC: It doesn’t feel like a huge stress factor because of the vibe Bear Mountain gives you. WOTR is very skier inspired. Every feature that was made last year was exactly how I drew it on paper. Not only is there prize purse but also you will have the chance to ride the best all-mountain-park in the US. I think we might add big air to the competition as well. So all you hot-doggers out there bring your double twisters and iron crosses.

FS: What were you for Halloween this past weekend?
CC: I was an electrical plug and my girlfriend, Michelle, was an outlet.

FS: Who did you go trick-or-treating with?
CC: I went trick-or-treating with a T-Rex, Tron, a yard, Popeye, a Hotdog, Superwoman, Aladdin, Jasmine, the g(.)(.)gle boys, MC Hammer, Two-Face, Poison Ivy, a sailor, a hot police officer, Thomas the Train, a surfer, a crazy doctor and a robber.

FS: What was your Halloween highlight?
CC: San Diego usually starts Halloween a week before, so it is hard to say. The day of Halloween, I can think of two things that stand out. Moondoggies Bar during the day: we bought about 13 bottles of champagne put them all in pitchers and started drinking them as fast as we could only using one shot glass. The other would be the main event at the Prado at Balboa Park. Around 2,000 people attended with more than 10 DJ’s. Biggest Halloween party I’ve been to, for sure.

FS: If anyone needs a little Mac fix what is the best way to get a hold of you?
CC: mobilemacfix.com or (619) 302-MACS. Or you could just hit 22 keys simultaneously on your mac device and I will instantly teleport to your location. Unfortunately, you have to know which keys to hit and that’s a secret.

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