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Watch: Enjoying an off-day at Windells Camp, with Joss, Keri, Karl

Video: Down day shenanigans with Joss, Keri, Karl and co.

Friday, Timberline at Mt. Hood was closed on account of nasty weather. So bad, in fact, that one of the Timberline Ski Patrol said the conditions were about as bad as they’d ever seen on the mountain. So, we mixed up some of the proverbial lemonade (again), and what a tasty, tasty batch it proved to be.

We’re obligated to host an activity at the Windells campus in a short while, so I’ll summarize our off-day real’ quick:

We went to Hood River, OR. We enjoyed a tour of the Dakine headquarters, and walked away with a bit of swag. We also convinced one of Dakine’s newest employees, Kristin, to join us on our adventure. +1. We strolled through town. We went to a brewery. Beer and pizza. There, we were joined by Sammy Carlson, Dane Tudor and Drew Lederer. Later, we cruised to Carlson’s house. After checking out the interior, we were shown along a path in the backyard that led up to his very own, private super-tramp. Bad, frickin’, ass.

We then made our way down to the great city of Portland. We swung by the airport, where we picked up Freeskier’s own Lindsey Hagen. +1. At this point, to put it plainly, we were all pretty sauced, minus our driver and host, Jason, who was an absolute trooper for putting up with us for the duration of the long, fun-filled day.

Next: sushi. Later: Devils Point strip club. Morning after: early to rise, and back to the hill. Coffee. Pizza for breakfast. Ski, ski, ski. We also hosted an “orca racing challenge” that afternoon, which proved to be a big hit with the campers.

Later in the evening, we zipped back down to Portland and paid a visit to the Nike employee store, and hours later, we dropped by the Windells campus to host a “bobbing for hot dogs” extravaganza, with a free pair of ON3P Jeronimo skis on the line for the winner. Then, Skyway restaurant (again). More pulled pork, more mac n’ cheese and Bloody Mary’s.

I cut up another video to give you a glimpse of Friday’s outing, with a bit of Saturday’s on-hill action sprinkled in for good measure. For now, back to campus we go… We’ve got a poster signing on the docket, with bundles of prizes to dish out.

Summer camp rocks on.

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